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Frequently Asked Questions

Science of Cure is the base of the scientific concept evolved through the 11 years of research of Naveen Varshneya. The science of cure is as below:

Breathing is inversely proportional to thoughts i.e., whenever you observe your breath, your thoughts will automatically reduce. The only purpose of thoughts is to control, regulate, suppress and express the emotions, therefore as the thoughts reduce/get grounded – the emotions that they were regulating or suppressing will start to surface.

As the emotions will surface, you need to experience the same while observing your breath- for example, if fear/guilt/shame surface, just use cotton and connect to your breath (OTB) without judging your emotions or creating a thought as to why are you feeling the same. When you follow the above process, the emotions will start to leave you and get grounded, revealing to you the belief that attracted those corresponding events into your life in the first place.

As the negative emotions get grounded and leave your body, your breath will deepen and become slower, enabling you to arrive at the state of Yog Nidra (thoughtlessness).

For more guidance, watch the lecture on ‘Science of Cure’ and refer to ‘The Science of Cure’ from the Book.

It is important that you do not mix any other technique as you start to practice NV Life Techniques. It would be like mixing several remedies together like allopathy, naturopathy and other techniques. In the end you would not get to know what worked for you. Please bear in your awareness that your sincerity, commitment and discipline towards self will be the primary drivers in your ability to learn the techniques, and discover the Cure within.
For e.g.- NV Life techniques will enable you to reach a space of thoughtlessness – which is the state of meditation and also the state of cure. However, in some other technique you may be learning to keep your mind stronger through affirmations etc. thus avoid mixing the same. As you practice the NV Life techniques – Your own experience will validate the benefit of practicing them.
Also, you should keep in awareness that your old practice could interfere in the learning of the NV Life techniques if you mix the two the techniques.

It is recommended that the OTT technique be done sitting down while writing the thoughts. When you feel your thoughts have diminished, or you are feeling drowsy and able to connect to the breath, lie down and observe your breath.
Please keep the following in awareness:
1. It could be that your past practice of some other technique may be interfering in the new learning.
2. You can observe your breath at any time in any posture. But, observing the breath is also the first step of the technique NV Swimming, which is done lying down. When we practice the technique, we follow the process as guided.
3. If the frustration is surfacing, feel and experience the same and connect to your breath. Frustration is a form of anger, and if you stay with the same, experiencing the same with your breath, after some time you will realize that the periodicity, intensity and time interval of the same has reduced. That means the cure is working for you.

According to the Science of Cure, as we observe the breath, the thoughts diminish and the suppressed emotions surface. The emotions if not experienced as emotions, will be felt as body pain, etc. As you keep observing your breath, it will get grounded after a while.
In your case, the emotions were surfacing but the mind was too stiff and would not allow the emotion to be released as emotion. The process is to pay attention to the area where you feel the pain/stiffness/restlessness and observe your breath. You may be able to identify the emotion or remember some past event in which this emotion was stuck.
Stay with the surfaced emotions while observing the breath.

It is recommended not to mix different practices during the course of the program. It would be like mixing allopathy, naturopathy etc. and not knowing what is benefiting you and what may be reversing the cure. Therefore, stay with one practice.
We recommend that you pause the other practices while in the course. Your own experience will validate the benefits of the techniques you will learn through the course.

Different breathing techniques will interfere with the practice and implementation of the Science of Cure. As through the science of cure you learn to reach the state of thoughtlessness. Whereas some other technique may take you towards making your mind stronger with suggestions/affirmations. The end result may be that you would not be able to experience the benefit of any.
It is like trying to mix oil and water. Therefore, it is recommended to take a pause from other techniques and make time and space for the course of the program. Open your energies for new learnings. Your own experience will validate the benefit of the techniques; you will learn through the course.

Understand the purpose and how OTT is to help you. Our mind has multiple thoughts and the only purpose of thoughts is to control, suppress and regulate the emotions. When you observe your thoughts and write them down, the thoughts will tend to diminish, and as the grip of the thoughts will diminish, you will be able to connect to the breath and experience the emotions. As you experience the emotions with breath, they will get grounded.
However, you again create a thought when you are judging your thoughts- thus generating more negative emotions, whereas we are guiding you to just witness the thoughts and experience the emotions. You are not to judge the thoughts or the emotions.
Read the fifth and seventh quantum law of cure under the Chapter ‘Ten Quantum Laws of the Cure’from the book, it will help you deepen your understanding of the Cure.

Refer to the lecture Science of Cure – as you connect with your breath, it will make you reach the state of thoughtlessness. The emotions which are suppressed/controlled by the thoughts will start to surface. However, if your mind is too strong and you are not able to experience the emotions as emotions, the same surface as body symptoms/aches/pains. It means the suppressed emotions are being grounded.

To understand how emotions are grounded, visit Whispering Wisdom Founder’s Insights > Watch  > Stop knowing your emotions. Experience them instead (Grounding Emotions – explained by Naveen Varshneya)

Keep your attention on the area of pain and connect with your breath, identify the emotion which is surfacing. If any event comes to your awareness, identify the emotions therein. The same has surfaced for the emotions to be grounded therein.

As we experience the emotions while being with the breath, it is the pain of the emotions which comes out in the form of crying. As we grow up, we form the belief that we should not cry/express emotions as it makes us vulnerable, and we tend to suppress the emotions whenever in any event the emotions get triggered.
At times you would tend to indulge in crying which is all right, connect to your breath the moment you become aware of being disconnected with the breath. Afterwards, map the periodicity, intensity and time interval of the emotions which had surfaced.

If you are feeling light after it then are you on the right path.
Watch the video for intensity, periodicity & time interval here: Whispering Wisdom > Founder’s Insights > Watch > Intensity, Periodicity, Time interval – Quantify the Cure

This book, the processes and techniques have been used by thousands of people so far who have been able to experience the cure. The terminology is different but easy to understand. Once you start with the techniques and processes, as the emotions start to get grounded, the mind will get clearer.
We do not ask you to trust the same, we only ask that you follow the process. Your own experience will validate the effectiveness of the techniques and processes you are learning.
The explanation to some of the terminology used in the lectures and sessions is given in the book in the chapter Healing vs Treatment vs Cure, please read the same. Also please use the forum and sessions to clear your doubts and get deeper understanding of the concepts and terminology

Understand the emotions behind the trust issues- there is a fear of trusting anyone as in the past there is an event where you experienced loss of trust/betrayal. Now every time you want to trust someone, your rational mind is gripped with the emotions from the past experience and to cope with those emotions you have thoughts.
The processes and techniques of NV Life teach you how to ground these emotions of the past and as you are able to do the same, your trust and faith will automatically grow. You do not have to trust, only experience the science, trust and faith will itself flow in. Your own experience will validate the techniques and process you are learning.

Anger is the ego which will keep you from addressing the emotions underneath it. For e.g., you have an exam to give and the bus came late. You felt the fear of missing your exam, and you went into outburst with the driver for coming late. Your anger did not let you stay with the fear. Later you got to know that his wife was ill and that is why he could not reach in time, so you feel guilty for going into outburst. Now you will have guilt to cope with. You would either apologise to him or avoid him or try to please and pacify the situation to come out of guilt.
That way if in the first place you had experienced your fear with your breath, it would have grounded and you would have not gone into anger outburst. You would have been able to deal with the situation through wisdom and not operated out of fear.
As you go further with the course, you would learn about your tendencies and how you flow with your emotions, through the lectures Emotional Body and Algorithm which will open a lot for you. According to the science of cure, the intensity, periodicity and time interval of the emotions will decrease as you stay with breath and witness them.

Watch the video for intensity, periodicity & time interval here: Whispering Wisdom > Founder’s Insights > Watch> Intensity, Periodicity, Time interval – Quantify the Cure.

We do not control/suppress emotions; we connect to our breath in the event and experience the emotions that surface while observing our breath. As we do so and implement the science of cure, the periodicity, intensity and time interval of the emotion will start to diminish and the emotion will get grounded.
Do not judge yourself, if initially you forget to connect to your breath. As and when you remember, connect to your breath in that moment. As your anger gets grounded, you will be able to the witness the thoughts and emotions under the anger. For e.g., when your daughter bangs the door, you feel hurt that my daughter does not respect me or you feel unworthy and helpless that I am not a good mother as I have not been able to raise my daughter well. To cope with those emotions, you would be trying to change your daughter so that you do not feel hurt, unworthiness/helplessness. And this experience will keep repeating unless you address these emotions under your anger.
As you walk further through the course, you will learn in algorithm lecture, how we develop the tendencies to cope with the emotions in childhood in the age 7-14 and we keep on having the same experience as patterns. With the help of a deeper understanding of the concepts and techniques you will be able to address the emotions underneath and dissolve the anger.

Fear of uncertainty is the fear of future- in other words you feel anxious/worried. Fear of future is actually coming from the past experiences wherein lies the root of the lack of trust/faith. For example, you see your child going out of home and you feel fear for her safety, when will she return, how she will be?
It could be coming from some event of the past where you felt unsafe outside your home or your children had a mishap outside home. You still hold the fear of that event inside you and it comes up as fear of uncertainty every time your child goes out of home. You would want to be certain of the safety of the child and may try to constrain the child from going out or going with certain people, as you are not able to trust or have faith. This fear is surfacing in order for it to be addressed. As you start to practice the techniques and process, the fear will surface, begin to peak and then will start to get grounded.
Also, in Vedna you will learn the technique of NV Hunting where you will learn to integrate your past with the present. Read the chapter Emotional Body from the book Meditation-The Cure, where a section is devoted entirely to the emotions of the future.

Sleep is one of the three pillars of health and wellbeing. When you start to observe your breath, your three pillars – sleep, breath and sexuality (life force energy) will start to get restored.
The pillar which is required to be restored first will get restored and, in your case, it is sleep. Do not judge or feel guilty about sleeping, let your sleep get aligned. Also, further into the course, you will learn the science behind sleep – how in sleep the emotions of the day are grounded revealing to us the wisdom and insights for the next day. Stay curious to learn more.

There is a whole science behind the menstruation cycle. It is a natural process of grounding emotions given to women by nature. That is why in earlier times women used to go into solitude during the period of menstruation. There is a video lecture by Naveen Sir explaining the science behind the menstruation cycle of women.

Watch the same.
How menstruation signifies your well-being by Naveen Varshneya

With respect to you not having mood swings during your periods, through the techniques of OTT and OTB, your emotions are getting grounded with or without you noticing the same. Therefore, during your periods the periodicity, intensity and time interval of these emotions is reduced and you are not going into highs and lows of the emotions.