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Frequently Asked Questions

As you follow the process of three steps of NV Swimming techniques without any ambition but with curiosity, your thoughts start to diminish and the conscious mind drops. It allows the conscious mind and subconscious mind to merge, and this is the state of Yog Nidra- the state of awakened sleep.    

It is also known as state of zero thoughts, where the suppressed emotions/events from your subconscious mind start to come into your awareness. You would remain conscious of your surroundings and any movement around you, as you have yet not gone into sleep.   

Sometimes, the you may feel body pain, symptom or see some images or you may hear something. You just have to witness the same i.e., experience them without resisting or making your mind active. The trapped emotions will start to ground leaving you emotionally, mentally and physically calm. 

For more guidance, read page 266 of the book – “What is Yog Nidra”. 

As we reach the state of Yog Nidra while doing NV Swimming, we may have different experiences. Read page 266 of the book – “What is Yog Nidra” to know what all we may experience during Yog Nidra (YN). We may see some unknown faces/images, etc. It is the subconscious mind clearing of the past karma/beliefs and emotions.    

We may or may not remember all we see in YN, however, stay with what you experience for e.g., if you feel fear after waking up from YN, connect to your breath and experience the same and the same will get grounded.  

Just remain curious and witness whatever surfaces, experience the same.

Every technique and process of NV Life is intuitive. Follow the steps gently and intuitively. As you follow the steps, it is normal that you may go back and forth the steps i.e., from third step you may go back to the first step or step two. The process is there to break the loop of sticky thoughts. As you stay with the steps, your conscious will take you where it needs to take you. At times you may reach the state of YN before the third step of NV Swimming also- it depends on your sincerity, commitment and discipline.   

Please read page 218 of the book Chapter Healing vs Treatment vs Cure to know what is sincerity, commitment and discipline. 

We often feel the struggle when we become ambitious or the mind becomes active due to some trigger.  As the mind is active, the technique of Observe the thoughts (OTT) will help calm/declutter the mind and you will be able to connect to the emotions underneath the thoughts. As you experience the emotions with your breath, the same will start to diminish, and the conscious mind will drop.   

You would be able to connect to your breath and may arrive at the state of YN. 

With the technique of NV Swimming, as your conscious mind drops, your suppressed emotions start to surface to be experienced and grounded. The emotional body starts to open up and you become sensitive to your emotions. Acknowledge and experience the emotions as they surface without any judgment while you stay with your breath – it will lead you towards calm and bliss as the periodicity, intensity and time interval of the negative emotions will begin to decrease. 

While doing NV swimming, as you slip into Yog Nidra, you will have different kinds of experiences. You may see images, faces of people- known or unknown, may also see colours. Every experience may be different for each person. Just witness the same with your breath. It may be some emotion/belief or past karma surfacing from the subconscious and getting released.  

For further guidance, refer to pages 266-267 of the book. 

As you are connecting to your breath, the suppressed anger is surfacing. You should observe your breath and experience the anger /any emotion which is surfacing. The underlying emotions will begin to surface as you breath on your anger, experience the same also. Anger is actually a state which gets triggered as we are trying to cope with an emotion. For e.g., Someone tried to hit me- I felt fear, to cope with fear I went into an anger outburst. So, as I will observe my breath and feel the anger, it would take me to the fear I felt in that moment.  Map the intensity, periodicity and time interval of the emotions. Slowly, it will start to diminish.    

Visit Whispering Wisdom Watch > Course Videos > watch the video “Intensity, Periodicity and Time Interval” and “Stop knowing your emotions. Experience them instead” (Grounding Emotions – explained by Naveen Varshneya) 

All our memories/emotions/belief etc. are stored in our subconscious mind. When you say that you had been strong at that moment, it means you had the need to be strong to survive and, in the process, you suppressed the emotions you felt at that time. For Example – it could be fear of survival (how will I survive), guilt (I could not do much for my father), feeling of grief and abandonment etc. As you stayed with your breath and the conscious mind dropped, this memory has surfaced so that you could experience your emotions contained therein.    

If we take the analogy of a computer, your subconscious is like a hard disk and conscious is like RAM. As your RAM became empty from the thoughts and emotions, the memory from the subconscious came up to let you experience the emotions contained in the said memory. These emotions are the emotions which are affecting your health and wellbeing. Defrost (write in detail the memory which has surfaced) the event while being connected to your breath and it will help you ground the emotions.

As the mind dropped and you slipped into the state of Yog Nidra, the emotions surfaced in the form of memory, event, or physical sensation. However, your mind became active while the emotions were surfacing and you resisted feeling the emotions, thus the emotions which are not felt as emotions, surfaced as body symptoms. Do not suppress or judge whatever is surfacing, just witness the same.   

Watch the lecture Science of Cure and connect your experience to the same.  For more guidance, read page no. 266-267 of the book.

The only purpose of mind is to control, suppress and regulate the emotions (Watch the lecture Science of Cure). Our mind is accustomed to controlling and suppressing the emotions for the need to survive. Thus, when the mind is dropping in Yog Nidra, the emotions which the mind has suppressed for ages will start to surface. However, the mind being strong, will again try to control the same, thus it will tend to become active the moment it witnesses the emotions surfacing. You will also hear the faculty referring it as the “resistance with in” to address the emotions.  

As you stay with your practice every day with sincerity, commitment and discipline, the grip of the mind will start to drop and the emotions will surface as emotions.    

Experience the sensations in the body and breath on it with curiosity as to where it is taking you.  

For further guidance, watch the lecture on NV Swimming and read pages from 267 to 271 of the book.

Be gentle with yourself. Practice the techniques and processes with sincerity, commitment and discipline. (Read page 218 of the book, chapter Healing vs Treatment vs Cure to understand what is sincerity, commitment and discipline.)  

At times we are not able to follow the three steps of NV Swimming as we become ambitious and make it a goal to reach Yog Nidra. This makes the mind active and it would become difficult to follow the three steps of NV Swimming. It is recommended that you practice NV Swimming intuitively and with curiosity as to where my breath will take me today.    

You can go back and forth through the steps i.e., after the third step, you may again go to first or second step. (Read the chapter NV Swimming from the book)

During our 0-7 years, as a child, we laugh when we are happy and we cry when we feel the pain. However, as we grow older there is a need to survive and to cope with the emotions. With age, the mind develops and the only purpose of the mind is to, control, regulate or suppress the emotions. It generates thoughts to control the emotions. As we stay away from emotions, it leads to hopelessness.   

You feel better after crying because you have attended to your emotions as emotions. Connect with the Science of Cure- Emotions have motions, thus once the same is experienced with the breath as emotions, they get grounded and leave us in a stable state.    

To understand how emotions are grounded, visit Whispering Wisdom Watch > Course Videos > Stop knowing your emotions. Experience them instead (Grounding Emotions – explained by Naveen Varshneya)

Yes, it is fine to cry during NV Swimming. Your emotional body (subconscious) is opening up and the emotions are surfacing to be attended. As you feel the emotions, it will take you to the pain of the emotions. You may have moments when you will indulge in emotions, connect to your breath as you remember. It will help ground those emotions.  

Do not judge yourself, or the emotions which are surfacing or whatever is your experience during NV Swimming, just witness the same. 

It is the inner noises which are getting manifested outside. Frustration is the feminine form of anger, as you are connecting to your breath, the anger is surfacing. Observe your breath while experiencing the anger. 

Also, check your sincerity, commitment and discipline. It is also, recommended that you do 2-3 rounds of OTT before starting with NV Swimming. This will clear your mind and as the thoughts would diminish, mind would drop and the emotional body will open up. Be sensitive to your emotions and witness them while doing NV Swimming.

If you make it a goal, to do the techniques perfectly it will become a thought and the mind would become active. That is the day you will not be able to do NV Swimming properly.   

All the techniques and processes of NV Life are intuitive and are to be followed gently. Few things which would strengthen your practice and improve the quality of your Yog Nidra:   

  • Have a discipline- i.e., make a schedule for your sadhana/practice of technique and follow the same.  
  • If your mind is active, do OTT before NV Swimming.  
  • Be curious not ambitious where your breath will take you today.  
  • Create space and time for your practice. (Watch the lecture how to create a healing space in the course lectures of your program)  
  • Do not judge yourself if you do not arrive at Yog Nidra some days- be curious what took your breath away. Map your triggers.  
  • Refer the chapter NV Swimming (pages 267 to 270) for more in-depth wisdom.

Yes, rather it is recommended that we should stay connected with our breath while talking to people. It will help us connect to the emotions we feel in that moment, also we will become aware of our own tendency to react to the triggers and the intensity, periodicity and time interval will reduce.   

Connect to the Science of Cure here, every moment is an event and every event generates emotions. If you stay connected with the breath, it will help you ground the emotions in that moment and you will not give away your life force energy.

While observing the breath during the first step of the NV Swimming technique. The thoughts start to diminish and emotions start to surface. As soon as the mind turns empty, your mind feels insecure and unsafe, pulls up a thought to remain active and you lose connection with the breath.   

The trick is to connect to the breath as and when you remember and not to judge yourself. Also, maintain your sincerity, commitment and discipline of the practice to be able to stay connected to your breath.  

(Read page 218 of the book Chapter Healing vs Treatment vs Cure to know what is sincerity, commitment and discipline.)

When the mind is active and does not want to give up the hold of sticky thoughts, it will not let you go to the third step. It would help if you do OTT before NV swimming, this will help calm the mind and the quality of Yog Nidra would improve. Also, check your sincerity, commitment and discipline.   

Gently practice the technique. First for a few days practice the first step and also observe your breath as and when you remember to observe the breath.  Then start to practice the first and second step. Post that, move to the third step.   

As you stay with your breath, you will be able to flow towards the three steps of NV Swimming intuitively. Do not make an ambition to reach all steps. The day you will make it a goal, you will find it difficult to follow the steps of NV Swimming. Follow your intuition to go back and forth the steps.

As you connect to your breath, the conscious mind drops and the emotions which were suppressed start to surface in the form of physical pain / physical symptoms, as the mind is too stiff to allow emotions to surface as emotions.    

Do not to analyze or judge the body symptoms, keep your attention on the area of pain/sensations and connect to your breath. It may take you to some emotion or some memory may surface. Witness the same with your breath and it will help the emotion to ground.   

Sleep is one of the three pillars of health and wellbeing. As you stay with your breath, the healing energy will go where it needs to go first, thus the sleep is restoring. Do not judge your sleep, and let it happen without any guilt or making the mind active.   

To understand how emotions are grounded, visit Whispering Wisdom Watch > Course Videos > Stop knowing your emotions. Experience them instead (Grounding Emotions – explained by Naveen Varshneya)

Your mind is gripped with anxiety which is fear of future. This is generated from the guilt and shame of the experience of failure in the past. (Read chapter emotional body- Anxiety/worry/Panic)  

For example – I forgot to do something which my boss had told me and I felt ridiculed in front of the whole staff. I had felt guilty of forgetting the task in that moment and also, emotion of shame when I felt judged in front of the whole staff. In that moment, I made a belief that I am a forgetful person, and a tendency that I should keep reminding myself of the things, as I want to avoid feeling guilt and shame again. Also, there is a fear that it might happen again. Thus, the tasks list keeps coming into my mind, as the anxiety keeps surfacing.  

It would be beneficial for you to do OTT, which will help you connect to your emotions under the thoughts and help ground the same. Also, you can empty your mind by penning down your task list.  As you walk further in the course you will learn the concept of Algorithm and Loop of suffering which will help you map and arrive at the event from which this guilt and shame is coming from. Which will further enable you to go to the root cause of your anxiety.