7 factors that affect your ability to learn

Frequently asked questions

It is a year long program and includes  

  1. Effortless Excellence Book 
  1. Effortless Excellence Workbook – 3 Workbooks 
  1. One workbook is for 3 months  
  1. Courseware Access for Program Duration 
  1. Pre-Recorded Lectures 
  1. Monthly Interventions 
  1. Need bases periodic interventions 
  1. Need based sessions for parents 

To know more, go toProgram Schedule” Tab 

The Foundation level program is for age group 7-21.  

18 mins everyday before sleeping is what a child would need to spend for this program. 

Apart from this, they have online lectures which they can watch whenever they have time & space. Interventions will be once a month, apart from other need based sessions. 

It is a simple program, meant to expand spirit of children. They have to spend 18 mins every day to arrive at effortless excellence. However, there are no hard and fast rules here, as the intent is for the child to build their own pace for the program and do it only when they feel like. So, this would be the main contribution of parents – to provide that space to children to help them align with themselves, and if required anywhere give a soft nudge to give direction. 

Apart from this, the parents wouldn’t be required to spend any extra time for the program. But yes, it would help a child immensely, if the parents start with the book (Meditation –The Cure) and the techniques and work on themselves.  

Apart from this, the parents wouldn’t be required to spend any extra time for the program. But yes, it would help a child immensely, if the parents start with the book (Meditation –The Cure) and the techniques and work on themselves.  

18 mins every day before bed is what a child would need on average. He/she would need to go to bed 18 mins early and work as guided during the program. Also refer to answer to Question No.3.  

The purpose of the program is to guide a child to become more aware about self, and as a child becomes more aware of his/her emotions, what suffocates the space, he/she will observe the shift. No assessment/exam by the faculty or anyone else has been designed in the program. 

There is no report card or assessment report to be made for the program. The child and the parents would themselves be able to see the shift in the child within a few days of the program. 

There will be monthly Jigyasa for children to come and discuss their issues. Apart from this, periodically, various sessions related to your issues will be organised. Issues such as bullying, trauma, relationship with friends and family  etc. Requests for such sessions can be made by students, parents or teachers. All these sessions will be of 90 minutes duration (approx). 

Students will have pre-recorded session of Agneya (Guided Meditation) available online to practice Observation of breath. As they do Step-3 of 18 minutes, they can listen to the recording and practice it.   

Arriving at the state of meditation may often entail a few attempts depending on the severity of one’s issue. A pre-recorded guided lecture would ensure that you arrive at this state. You may fail in the first attempt and that is fine, however, as you stay with the process you would arrive at the state of cure.  

The process which will be taught to you, is easy to practise.  

  • You can practise this whenever you wish to. Or if there is a need due to unstable emotions etc. So, it can be done anytime. 
  • Each time you practise the technique as taught in the pre-recorded lecture, you will experience the results.  
  • No two meditation experiences are the same. So, do not expect the exact same effects. If you do that you are not surrendering to the experience. If you do surrender, you will be open to more and more new experiences each day. 

No report card/assessment is required to join the program.  

It is important for parents to provide space to children during the duration of the program.   Parents would not be required to attend sessions along with children, rather parents should encourage children to attend sessions on their own. However, if both child & parents are comfortable, they can attend online intervention sessions. 

Parents would have their own session These sessions will be periodically organised on a need basis, post faculty evaluation during the program. These sessions will help parents become enablers in their child’s journey. 

Yes, there will be a counselling call every wednesday at 6 PM IST. The parents/participant can attend the same and get to know more about the program from the experts. The link for the counselling call: 

 Meeting ID: 845 6731 7459 

Passcode: curedemy 

We are a health and wellbeing company, and we do not preach religion. Please go through “About Us” on our website. 

Yes. The program has been designed to enhance three pillars of excellence: 

  • Attentions Span  
  • Retention 
  • Reproduction of learning 

A child is not able to pay attention because his subconscious mind is filled up with suppressed emotions and these emotions and events continuously distract him. As he/she implements techniques 18 minutes before bed every night, the subconscious mind will clear up of the suppressed emotions, enhancing the attention span, retention and reproduction of learning. 

We recommend that you go through the various tabs, read the content which is self-explanatory and attend one of the counselling sessions (Every Tuesday – 6:00 PM IST) to understand the courseware and content of the program where all your queries will be attended to. The link for the counselling call: 

 Meeting ID: 845 6731 7459 

Passcode: curedemy 

Children through the program will be working on becoming aware of what fills their space, and hence leads to reduced learning, retention, and ability to reproduce the learning. It might lead to the opening of traumas or certain events. So, it is suggested that parents provide space to their children. Also, if the child chooses to maintain privacy, it would be as per the same. 

If required, parents can take the login details from their children to watch the sessions.  Also, go through the Disclaimer on the website.  

This program is the foundation program, and is highly recommended for the children appearing for competitive exams. It would help in enhancing his/her learning, retention, and ability to produce the learning during the exam.  

We would also be launching a separate program for students preparing for competitive exams. But Foundation program is the base level program which would help the student prepare for advanced level program. 

The program will help to enhance focus, gain more clarity and in turn would result in better retention and production in otherwise situations of stress and anxiety. 

We do not recommend or stop any medical intervention through the course of the program or otherwise. As your child works through the program, you would see a reduction of dosage of medicine or the required sessions. Also, another program for special cases will be launched soon. Once the foundation has been laid with this program, the child can join that program, where he/she would receive guidance to go to the root of his/her issue.  

Parents would also be required to work extensively in such cases. So please join the counselling call on Tuesday (6 PM IST) to know more. The link for the counselling call: 

 Meeting ID: 845 6731 7459 

Passcode: curedemy 

This program is the starting ground for kids who come under special cases, as it would help stabilize. In addition, work will be required in such cases, with even parents working extensively on themselves. Please join the counselling call and speak with our experts to know more.  

Also read more about Special Cases under the  FAQ and Resources Tab 

The interventions will be in a group learning setup. In group sessions, children tend to open up more and discuss issues, as they listen to others also opening up. Also group discourse enhances learning. 

Pre-Recorded Courseware Lectures will be available in Child’s account for him/ her to access through the duration of the program.  

If the child doesn’t want to attend the session on some days, he/she can post query if any on the forum.  

Also, we suggest no pressure to be put on children to attend all the sessions.  

It will be beneficial for the child, if during the program, the parents can read the book Meditation- The Cure and also practice the techniques and work on themselves. This would help child’s progress. Also, it is especially important to provide space to children to open up during the program, and no pressure to be put to fill the workbook, attend sessions. Parents will see how conversations with children will change as they proceed through the program. Wherever parents feel, the child is falling off the program, just a small nudge would help. Remember – NO PRESSURE! 

Also, in in the sessions planned for parents, they will be guided there how to create space for their children and help them through the program. 

As a parent understands the science being taught in the program and practices techniques, he/she gets unstuck from their own emotions & beliefs, to provide a better nurturing environment for the child. While children work on themselves and move towards a brighter future, parents need to work on themselves, to be able to provide that ground for children to expand and walk towards a promising future.  

There will a special program, which will be announces soon for Parents also. 

Students for Leadership Scholarship will be handpicked by the Founder and the team. However, the base criteria for Leadership Scholarship is that the child has attended Foundation Program. 

The first step for leadership program is to register for the Effortless Excellence Program. Children for Leadership program will be handpicked by the founder and the faculty members from the students of the Foundation Program. 


3 principles of the program: ​


Optimize learning through existing sources (classroom, tuition, homework, peer learning)

Enlarge container of subconscious for retention of learning and eventually become one consciousness


Maximizing ability to reproduce learning in given time frame.


You only have 24 hrs. Where is the scope for studying more???


The only solution is to maximise learning in the classroom. If this is not done, additional resources deployed as substitute or as supplement are of not much value and cause suffering for child and parents. A child needs free space, free time for creative expression to have subconscious clear of unnecessary emotions to score well. Hard work and dedication are drivers. as important as running is for racing, but not everyone reaches the target line within the given time. The difference between you and the topper, or those who create excellence, or those who you feel are naturally gifted and intelligent is that:

When they are in the classroom or learning, their focus is 100%
When they are not learning and they are playing or sleeping, they are either retaining the learning in the subconscious or keeping the space clear so that retention is not eroded.
When they reproduce in examination or on football pitch, they have complete focus, and no emotion takes over. You know what emotions do when Sachin Tendulkar reaches 99. Suddenly he does not know cricket? Right?

The larger picture: A wish of parents and objective of life

The above are the characteristics of a Prodigy. Can you start to work towards becoming a prodigy?

What is the Gap?

Mind of a child:

Every child is born with spirit & wisdom. In the first 7 years if the spirit of the child is allowed to expand, it will reveal the purpose and wisdom to pursue the wisdom. This is how a prodigy is created. This is how in ancient time, a child was not sent to Gurukul till age seven. Parenting styles these days are fear based as opposed to being wisdom based. Fear given by parents drives the child towards survival rather than choosing to express his spirit, which is his true nature. Fear based parenting is effective only when a child feels his survival will be difficult if he does not study. In prosperous families, even if you give a lot of fear of survival, a child knows from the living standard that survival is not an issue. This course has been designed to move the parent and child back to their innate wisdom to open and lay down the path to create a prodigy out of them.

Science of root cause of your suffering:

Mind has no mind outside the need to survive. In its purest form, it is consciousness. Its only function is to regulate, suppress, express or control an emotion. The difference between prodigy and you are that their space is filled with vision and curiosity leads them to remain focused while your mind has partitions and fragmentation. Your subconscious has a lot of suppressed emotions which keep interfering with retention and then your ability to remain focused to reproduce whatever you could retain. Therefore, it first affects your learning by drifting your attention to attend to emotions, then it interferes with retention as subconscious is filled with emotions where learning is stored and then same fragmented mind does not let you reproduce.

What do we witness on a symptom level?

Decreased interest in subject Child complains that teacher is boring Phobia with some topics Avoiding studying in the classroom or at home Choosing distractions to avoid Becoming stubborn and manipulative Falling sick often to avoid responsibility

10 Reasons Why a student loses Focus/Lack of attention span


Neglect by parents:

If a child has a younger sibling, it is natural that the parents will give more attention to the new-born. This may lead the child to feel left out and neglected.


Boring teacher:

is really a symptom or a trigger and not the
root cause.


Left & Right brain coordination:

There are only two types of subjects to study- logical and creative. Finding a subject boring is due to improper development of one of the two faculties (left brain and right brain or male and female energy) and inability to reproduce learning comes from poor coordination between these two energies.



If the child has experienced sexual abuse very early on in life it is highly likely that the child’s attention will keep drifting away from the present moment to the moment of trauma in the past.


Death of a closed one:

If the child has faced or witnessed a death in the family, it is quite common for the child to often feel lost in the classroom.


Physical violence:

If a child has experienced harsh words or physical violence, coming from parents or any family member, he or she will constantly be experiencing the emotion of fear and threat. Therefore, affecting his/her ability to focus.


Separation from parents:

If a child has been brought up in his grandparents’ place, largely away from his parents even for a few months or years, the child has experienced abandonment. This would become an area of developing loss of trust and therefore leading to the child feeling lost or traumatized.


Unwanted Child:

If the child was an unwanted child- conceived by mistake, then the child may be showing symptoms of lowered attention span.



If a child has been bullied at school or home by his friends.


Conflict between parents:

If a child has experienced unstable parental relationship or regular fights at home.

And these reasons affect the sleep and that in turn affects attention span, and this is a vicious circle.

Science of Cure (SoC)- Your path to excellence

Science of cure works on principle:

Every moment we live is an event and every event generates an emotion. Emotions have motion, if not held inside by a belief. Once held inside, they begin to form subconscious and a part of mind is required to keep it suppressed all the time. The more emotions you suppress, the more part of your mind needs to keep them suppressed and a lesson is available for the present moment. The nature is such that it is not possible to keep emotions suppressed all the time. It seeks periodic release. When you do not do that, it affects your sleep or your dreams are scary. You become reactive and often have an outburst in hopelessness. You avoid taking responsibilities because you are choked. You experiment with dark habits to secretly release your suffocation.

In the process, no matter how much you are loved, appreciated and provided for by your parents, you feel unheared, unaccepted and appreciated and unloved.

The Technique to reverse your suffering:





Funtion of thoughts is to suppress/regulate the emotions.

With breathing, thoughts diminish reveal the emotions.

Emotions have motion.

When you breathe your emotions, ie leaves you.

Your subconscious is now cleared. Your mind is free to remain focused

In the process, you become aware about your tendencies. You gain wisdom.

Do you know what fills your space? And how to declutter it?


Special Cases

What are special cases?

We define special cases as children who have been through extraordinary circumstances very early on in life. These could be very hard circumstances such as the ones defined below. These circumstances tend to affect the learning and development of a child in a huge manner.


Special Cases mean special circumstances. Whether these circumstances are experienced by mother during the pregnancy or after birth, each of these circumstances have a direct impact on the mental health of the child, which directly affects the performance in academics and also all aspects of life. Here is the list of various traumas and special situations, children generally come across. Based on our research and having worked with thousands of people, if your child has any such case, bring to our awareness for special attention and for designing of special program for the child.

  1. Children with Trauma 

Death – Parents/Siblings/Friends/Loved relatives

Parents – Divorced/Separated/Staying in long distance marriage

Accidentally seeing parents in sexual act

Abuse (Physical, Mental, Emotional & Sexual)



Mental Disorder


Suicidal tendency


Body Shaming


2. Hyperactive Child

3. Slow Child

4. Dominating Personality/A Bully

5. Rebellious & Notorious by reputation

6. Frequently Relocated – Parents in transferable job

7. Early Break up

8. Has already concluded that parents will control me forever – A case of hopelessness.

9. Submissive & Extremely Compliant

10. Sexually Activated/Early Sexual Exploration

11. Petty Crimes (For e.g. Kleptomaniac)

Learn how to dissolve past traumas & wounds.

Leadership Scholarships

For last 12 years, we worked on severe cases of suffering. We worked on relationships, and we worked on rare cases as well as on business houses. Each of these cases had profound effect in reversing the suffering.

As our bandwidth grew, we found the balance. We still help through books and courseware to people with suffering and help them transform their life, but are now able to launch this program for our youth.
It is with this vision to create leaders who lead the path of vision for humanity, we are creating this scholarship.

If you are uninitiated with us, we encourage you to visit and read the book, Meditation The Cure.

Then every now and then, we worked on children and young adults. Our small intervention created excellence. One day we had this insight that if we spend a fraction of our resources on our children, that shapes them for the future compared to an old person who is suffering from chronic disease who does not have much life left. Also, though reversing the suffering is fulfilling from the personal evolution point of view, it has very less value for contribution to humanity.

As our bandwidth grew, we found the balance. We still help through books and courseware to people with suffering and help them transform their life, but are now able to launch this program for our youth.

It is with this vision to create leaders who lead the path of vision for humanity, we are creating this scholarship. Some of the highlights are:

Must be Indian citizen only. We want to help in Nation building

Should have vision for humanity and not for his/her own ambition to become successful in the material world

Should have vision for humanity and not for his/her own ambition to become successful in the material world

They can continue to be with their parents, choose school, colleges and stream of career, but we remain their mentor for structured guidance for their chosen path.

If a child wants to become an entrepreneur, we will mentor. If a child want be a sportsperson, we will help him/her in becoming the finest. If a child chooses to be an artist, we will help him/her to become finest artist.

We will deploy all resources possible for the cause and expect the same from the child and parents, wherever required.

Most important is to mentor the child to move towards wisdom and discover the purpose rather than making decision based on survival and reaching in 40s to regret that he should have followed his/her insights.

We shall be identifying children through this program and core team of NV Life led by founder will directly mentor them for years.
We are in the process of structuring details of this program and will announce soon.


Is your child ready for his/her purpose?

Blogs by the founder

We owe a responsibility to the new generation, to teach them with compassion rather than ruthlessly trying to brainwash our own success stories.




Objective of the program is to create excellence in children, to perform in their chosen field. However, program works at dissolving suppressed emotions and becoming one consciousness. Expanded spirit enables wisdom. Its benefits are visible in all spheres of life.

Big impactful events in the early days of childhood or a series of small events have been the reason behind mental disorder cases in growing up years.


Mental Health


Mental disorder is distress at the mind level. What the common triggers for the seeds of Mental Disorder in growing up children.Big impactful events in the early days of childhood or a series of small events have been the reason behind mental disorder cases in growing up year



Mental Health



Performance is not about how good you are, but how you perform within a given time slot and environment.






OCD is triggered due to a breach of trust. It has two clear components a) obsessive thoughts b) compulsive thoughts.


Mental Health


Why less than perfect is not so easy for our generation when it comes to our children and why are we so worrisome, insecure and obsessive ensuring they get the best??



Sleep is like the story of ‘Cinderella’. The party is over every day. We must go home (aa ab laut chale). Home? Where is Home?




Well being

Learn how to nurture the vision for your child's future.



Life is a guided and supported journey. The process of sleep is the process to connect with the GPS and the base station.

Let us light a lamp in the life of one person more than last year. Let us raise hope. Let us take responsibility for the planet. We owe it to our mother and our motherland.


When he broke her trust by going out for a date, she developed OCD and would check for every move of her husband. She fought, questioned and that ruined her family life and finally took her life way.





Are you a sceptic about science and spirituality? This is your starting point.

Several hours of content in the form of blogs, videos, testimonials and lecture videos are available on topics which relate to your own experiences and decodes your life choices. This will help you discover layers of your ego and decode the hidden wisdom in you. 

Stay updated with our research

7 factors that affect your ability to learn

And please it has nothing to do with your intelligence, privileges, luck or whatever you can imagine

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