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“Relationship must always be bigger than the individual”

– Naveen Varshneya

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Students in Chetna become aware of the root cause of their relationship problems and arrive at solutions with meditation for health and wellbeing.

Students start to see the recurring patterns across all their relationships, and the unhealthy loop of suffering they are stuck in due to their belief. This awareness itself is the beginning of solving their relationship issues.

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Relationship the meaning of the word is a state of connectedness, especially emotional connectedness between two people. It is the desire to relate and belong to another person or community that inspires us to form relationships. Man is indeed a social animal.

As we grow older, we express ourselves through other prominent relationships:
  • Parent child
  • Husband wife/lovers
  •  Community friends, extended family
  • Work relationships with peers and boss.
Relationship is such an integral part of human existence, yet today we are all suffering to an extent in these relationships. This social framework, meant to be a source of joy and comfort, runs barren and often tumultuous.

What is the nature of relationship issue that you relate to, as most common in your life?

  • Lack of communication
  • Sense of suffocation
  • Loss of expectation
  • Lost individuality
  • Belongingness having gone amiss
  • A gnawing emptiness

The science of relationships - Our research

  • The biggest need for humanity is to belong to something; our quest for relationships arises from a void we feel inside. Hence, we search for an identity as a mother, wife or sister/ father, husband or brother, et al, to fill this void
  • We form a fixed template of relationships, based on the first relationship we see as a child that of our parents.
  • This template is based on belief and judgements that lay hidden in our subconscious, which determine what relationships we attract as adults.
  • Any deviation from this fixed template, even towards a higher frequency, makes us unstable and discontent with the relationship.

Stay with this -

  • The first relationship we form is with our mother in the womb. It is our home for 9 months. Our scriptures relate how the Garbh Sanskar or the environment we develop in, as a foetus, lays the ground for our future, adult relationships.
  • If you were to ever choose between the relationship and the individual, always choose the relationship.
“Before I get into a relationship with another I must be aware of my relationship to myself.”

– Naveen Varshneya

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