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Quiz – VIDEO Two: WHAT IS CERTIFICATION – Week 1 – Chetna


What is it that is common between a scientist and an artist and what is that thin line that separates them? What is it in you that explores and yet never helps you arrive?

What does it mean to be certified?

Is it about just being a scientist or is it about being an artist? Well, it is about integration. While one gives you the ability to bring precision the other gives you the ability to be unbounded and ever-expanding. It is about letting the mystic in you hold the hand of the survivor in you so that every step of your life has one chosen path-Inward.

 As the popular saying goes- the one who looks outside dreams and the one who looks inward is awakened. 

Turn inward and keep decoding, demystifying and discovering your journey. Certification is about self-discovery and transformation, acquiring the wisdom to pursue one’s purpose.