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Quiz – Video : Science of Manifestation

Everything that is happening with you is manifestation. Everything you own in your physical realm is manifestation. At some point in time you must have dreamt or wished for it and today, here you stand with it, in its manifested form. Well the good is your manifestation and so is the bad.  

Then where did we go wrong and manifest suffering in our lives? No one really wants to manifest suffering, so to say. However, we ended up doing it. Didn’t we?  

Through this video you will learn about the science of manifestation.  

” The whole process starts with fantasy. Fantasy turns into dream. Dream into Desire. Then desire becomes an ambition. When it becomes an ambition that’s when the manifestation happens.”  

However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. It becomes important to reach the very origin of this fantasy. Why did it come up? Where did it come from? Where shall it take you? And why this specific fantasy! The list is never ending, but the first step is closer than you think.