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Test one

The sections which are covered through this test are- 

  1. NV Swimming 
  2. NV Hunting 
  3. NV Fishing 
  4. Cotton and Circling 

This test has 134 Questions in total which shall be attempted in a stipulated time period of 60 mins only.   Below are a few guidelines for the test that you would like to bear in mind.  

  1. The test once started has to be finished in one sitting. So please be in a conducive environment that allows you to take the test without any interruption.  
  2. You will be able to view only one question at a time and answer accordingly. 
  3. Once you have answered the question, you will move on to the next question. There is no option of going back to the previous question and changing your answer. So be very sure, when you are submitting your response. 
  4. You cannot leave a question unanswered as the system will not let you move to the next question.
  5. Ensure you press the ‘NEXT’ button after every question to ensure a smooth transition. 
  6. There is no set sequence for questions to appear. No two people have questions in the same sequence and no two people have choices of one question in the same sequence. Please rely solely on your breath and wisdom. 
  7. It is a multiple-choice question test format. Hence, there is only one right choice/answer to every question. 
  8. Feel free to refer to the book while answering the questions. However, be cognizant of the fact that the time limit is only 60 mins!

 We wish you all the best. And, remember the magic formula-  Always observe your breath!