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Quiz Intensity, periodicity, the time interval

It is amusing to watch the miracle of nature when a caterpillar wrapped in his cocoon grows wings and starts to fly.

To us, it is a miracle because we failed to observe the intricate details of the journey of his transformation. How steadily he grew and how swiftly he spun the cocoon.

However, we are no different, as we often make the same mistake of perceiving our transformation as a miracle. Thus, by letting the finer details of our journey pass us by. In the period that we are transforming, everything feels at a standstill and it is because we are usually unaware of the little changes. To witness, the process of transformation that nature is doing within us in each moment, we require to witness the same caterpillar in us. It requires sensitivity, hope, and faith.

This video defines the three parameters which help you scientifically track your process of transformation by making you more aware and self-accepting of the changes.

A miracle of Science or the Science of Miracle? Watch this to find out.