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The basic premise of matter is ego.  This means- as long as we exist in the human form, there is an ego. Therefore, to expect not to have an ego is to deny nature its existence and its very design. Flip the coin and ego is the very reason that we continue to suffer. Several attempts have been made by many mystics and by humanity, in general, to dissolve this duality or irony. In the process, like anything else, we have made it a taboo and far more complex to dissolve. 

Its layers are deep; as deep as the origin your soul with its first birth. However, in one lifetime, you do not need to travel that far to peel off the layers. Begin the journey towards it by first having a healthy view towards it and knowing when and where it is needed. Remember, as long as you feel you have a lack (suffering), you have an ego. Let us say it more precisely: As long as you have a lack (suffering), you have the ego interfering with you. Identify it and breath it.