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Consent Form

About NV Life and our work: 

  •  NV life is a health and well-being Company/organisation.  
  • NV Life is neither a religious nor a spiritual Company/organisation and is also not aligned with any faith, cult or religion.  
  • We are neither healers, nor do we propose to administer any cure. We teach you the methods based on science of breathing that help you discover the cure within you.  
  • Results depend upon your sincerity, commitment and discipline. We are teachers, mentor and faculty in your engagement with us to learn.  

Participant’s Rights and Responsibilities: 

  1. The process – usage of Cotton – should be as per the procedure prescribed in the Book, Meditation-the Cure as well as in the lecture in your Chetna courseware.  Should you feel uncomfortable, please share your concern with your faculty. The process is to be initiated at your own free will and there is absolutely no force or compulsion from our end, for you to start the same. 
  1. Our work is about inner journey which makes you travel through your emotional body, hidden needs, beliefs, past events, memories, trauma etc. The cure lies in witnessing, acknowledging and accepting your emotions of these events, through the techniques, as guided, which would help restore the three pillars of your health and well-being i.e. sleep, breath and sexuality. It is however specifically clarified that the suppressed emotions or traumas are neither intentionally nor deliberately invoked/provoked by us. You agree to take absolute responsibility of yourself, your emotional, mental and sexual state along with your physical and/or verbal expression during the program. Any expression verbal/physical or in the form of any gesture etc, made by you shall be your personal choice and you shall be solely responsible for the same.  
  1. Acute/ Chronic/ Terminal Cases 
  1. Modern medical system is the best line of treatment for any acute case. Managing your acute condition is not the purpose for which you have enrolled in the treatment program. You are best advised to manage your acute symptoms with modern medicine, while your enrolment in the program shall enable you to discover the root cause of your acute condition.  
  1. Apart from acute, chronic and severe cases, terminal cases do come into the folds of our programs, from time to time. It is important for a student coming in with a medical diagnosis of a terminal disease or condition to understand how theirs is a case different from an acute or chronic case. In terminal cases, the Participant’s physical body bears elevated levels of toxicity, with medical experts having declared an estimated timeline for the Participant’s remaining lifespan. In such cases, the Participant and family is advised to first clearly inform us of the condition and seek advise on how best our programs can be useful to you. Depending upon your case, we may advise you to just stay with the book, as that has turned out to be the most effective method to deal with terminal cases.  
  1. There are, however, borderline cases, which are in between chronic and terminal in nature. We strongly recommend that you ensure that you have explained your condition and the medical opinion on your suffering, to the counselling team. Also ensure that you and your family member (caregiver) have been informed of various scenarios which may influence your condition while in the treatment program and the probable outcome. Please ensure and take responsibility that you have understood, and the various probable outcomes are acceptable to you and your family. Through the teachings brought forth during the programs, each Participant’s awareness expands and enables the release of toxic energy from his/ her system, in the process of experiencing the cure. However, there are no miracles in our line of work, while we approach all our cases with hope. Therefore, such a Participant shall consult us in detail, before enrolling in the program, to gain an in-depth understanding of how the patient may behave with our intervention. If enrolled into the program, post consultation, alongside his/ her caregiver, please be aware that the responsibility rests with and is owned by Participant’s caregiver and the Participant. 
  1. Chetna is not designed for chronic, severe or acute cases. Chronic cases of mental disorder and disease are also not suitable for Chetna. So, such cases are recommended to join Treatment Program. If it is discovered during the course of Chetna program that your condition is chronic, severe or acute, it maybe recommended to you to halt your Chetna journey and you maybe advised to take up the Treatment Program. 
  1. During the program or live sessions, your faculty may, from time to time, use words and tone which may appear harsh or hurtful. It is done out of compassion and love with an intent to break a pattern of suffering in you. It is clarified that any expression/words/tone of voice/gesture used by your faculty during the Program/live session, is not intended to cause any emotional, physical or mental hurt or injury to you or anyone else.  
  1. During the program, NV life team members   /   may, as a physical intervention, guide you to press certain points and /or may apply pressure on certain points of your body with your consent. This is to assist you to release the blocked energy in the body and to regulate your energies and open-up the breathing channels. This may bring out suppressed emotions and that can be overwhelming. It is your absolute right to refuse such intervention at any stage should you not feel comfortable with touch or pressure. However, if you accept such intervention, it is assumed you are comfortable with the touch and pressure and have given consent for the same. 
  1. Medicine/ Other practices/ Practice of other faith or teachings 
  1. We do not interfere with your ongoing medical intervention/s. While learning to cure through our program, you may continue with modern medicines, as per the medical treatment you may be already in pursuit of.  Through our program, you will learn to cure your suffering at the root cause level. As the cure is experienced by you, your medical line of treatment maybe suitably altered by your doctor, based on your improving health condition. Such phenomena is common in our line of work. 
  1. It is advised that you pause any form of Yoga and any other form of breathing, meditation and healing practices during the course of the program; as most of the techniques taught in the name of meditation and yoga are highly distorted from ancient wisdom. They may not pose any harm but definitely interfere with your learning with us. 
  1. You may continue with your faith in God or Guru or anybody, as it has little impact on your learning in the program. We are not gurus. We are teachers, teaching you the science to find the cure within. 


  1. At NV Life, we teach you the science of sexuality. As per our science, there are three pillars of health & well-being – Sleep, Breath & Sexuality. So as far as health & well-being is concerned, sexual desire/ Life Force Energy is recommended to be acknowledged and experienced with breath, and if required release. Suppressing Sexuality has a negative impact on your health & well-being. However, we don’t take any responsibility of how you explore or express it. Sexuality is not to be confused with sex. For further understanding of the concept of sexuality and the difference between the two, we recommend you read the Chapter – Physical Body from the book Meditation – The Cure. 


Protocol to be followed: (NV life’s core values) 

  1. All NV Life programs are bound by the ethics of mutual respect and boundaries around the time and nature of access to the NV Life team members. 
  1. You have an absolute right to be comfortable during the Program undertaken by you while expressing any emotion, physically or verbally. We respect your right to be comfortable and you may express your concern to your faculty if you feel otherwise.          
  1. Health and wellbeing cannot be restored by pushing you or by making you agree to some compromise. Your freewill is most respected by NV LIFE to facilitate your natural recovery process. You are advised to raise any kind of concern you may have with your faculty or any other team member of NV life, should you feel uncomfortable, overwhelmed, confused or constrained due to or with any suggestion/advice/intervention given, during the course of the Program undertaken by you.  
  1. Please approach NV Life team members as a student devoid of your social or personal status. Any kind of arrogance/pride connected to your social or personal status would be an impediment in your journey towards the path of health and wellbeing. 
  1. If the boundaries of basic respect for NV Life or its team members are found to be infringed upon, in person or are observed or found to be maligned at/on any platform – public or electronic media by you or any other person associated with you, NV Life reserves the rights to disengage and discontinue you with the Program/programs and bar your access to any of the services being provided by NV Life, unconditionally for that period and/or for future.  
  1. The fees paid by you is for the time and knowledge shared with you by NV Life along with the facilities provided to you during the program and the same is non-refundable 
  1. NV Life reserves the right to discontinue with the program opted by you even after your confirmation and payment, if it is found that there is any violation of the rules and guidelines, privacy rights and policies of NV Life by you. In such a scenario, NV Life at its own discretion, may refund a part amount of the fee after deducting the fee for duration of the Program already been attended/to be attended, or to be paid to any third party for the program undertaken by you under the contract, along with cost of loss/damages, if any due to the violation caused by you. 
  1. It is clarified that the contents of any Program conducted by NV Life, and/or all audio/video calls made or received by you to/from NV life may be recorded by NV Life in audio/video/imagery format, for the purpose of further use/research/promotion by NV life. The same shall be the sole property of NV Life. 
  1. All content of NV life programs is covered under IP and copyright laws. Any kind of interaction in any form with you shall not be recorded and/or distributed in public by you or anyone else without our written consent.  
  1. You are advised not to reveal the contents/details of any event/name of any person/place involved or any other contents, of any person or organisation in any group participation/session or during the individual discussion/session in person or during the live sessions during and after the Program and/or in any other manner. This is to avoid any violation of any privacy rights of any person or any organisation for which NV Life is not liable. 
  1. NV Life undertakes to take due care of your confidentiality and to not trade any of your information with any outside agency. However, NV Life reserves the right to use any insights/discoveries (the same does not include any of your personal information) received by NV Life, during the Program, for research, media, educational, and/or promotion and/or for any other internal or external use, through the medium of case studies, without the disclosure of your identity. Your identity may be disclosed with your prior consent.   
  1. It is our endeavour to educate the masses in alignment with the vision of NV Life, to take the cure to every household.  Your expression would go a long way to educate individuals across boundaries, igniting hope, trust and curiosity in them. Thus, we may share your blogs, testimonials/your journey on our different platforms in written, audio or video format.  
  1. To communicate purposefully and effectively, we may add certain keywords to explain the science, the techniques and/or some part of your journey, in the content shared by you with us. 

However, if you would like to withhold the disclosure of your identity or any part of your journey, as shared with us, please communicate it through an email marked to nvlifeprograms@nvlife.net.  In case of the non-receipt of such a communication by us, your consent shall be taken as implicit and the content shall be duly published on our website and/ or on various platforms (curedemy.com, curedemy or other digital media or off-page platforms). 

  1. It is assumed and presumed that this consent form has been read carefully and/or understood by you and/or the caregiver before signing the same.     

We welcome you to NV Life. Your journey has begun with your free will and curiosity towards finding the cure within you. Your sincerity, commitment and discipline shall define the pace at which you shall move ahead. We are committed to walking with you, on this path, at your pace. 

I, ______________________ s/d/wife/o _______________________________ Age:   ____________,  

r/o: ______________________________________________________________________________  

do affirm hereby that I have read the contents of the CONSENT FORM and its terms and conditions carefully and am signing this form in all my senses and sound mind without any pressure from anyone. I hereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions, rules and guidelines of NV Life.  


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Dated: _________________ 


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