7 common things students will be working on transforming

This program is for the age group of 7 to 21 years old.

Objective of this program is:

  • Increase in your attention span in the classrooms to enhance your learning. This shall reduce the need for extra classes, tuition, multiple revisions and homework.
  • Increase your retention ability by clearing the space in your subconscious
  • This shall automatically lead you to reproduce in your examination better and more accurately. Therefore, you score more while studying less.

This program has 3 components:

Workbook: This program is centred on Effortless Excellence workbook. Your companion for 18 minutes to attain effortless excellence. This will help you become aware of yourself with academics. Do you wonder why a physical copy of the workbook and not a mobile App?? Ask us or experience it yourself and you will know the reason. Other two components are to help you bring more value to your 18 minutes.

Online Lectures: Online (pre-recorded) Lectures, along with Effortless Excellence Book, is your go-to place to understand what stops you from going towards your full potential and arrive at it. These lectures will help you get familiar with basics & also understand the concepts in totality.

Interventions : There are two type of interventions to help you with your 18 minutes :

  1. Practice Sessions – to help you learn to clear your subconscious to create space for learning to move towards wisdom. These are a complete set of recorded sessions, to help you practice on your own
  2. Live Online Sessions – Gurukul, Jigyasa & Sessions with parents are sessions with Curedemy team to help clear doubts, queries & discuss your issues. 

How does it Work?

  • .For daily practice, children are given :
    • Effortless Excellence Theory Book
    • Effortless Excellence Workbook
  •  They are only supposed to go to bed 18 minutes early. Effortless Excellence Workbook has trackers for Academic day. They have to do rating of their subjects (step 1) and step 2 in the workbook. Then they slip into bed and start with the last step, and allow sleep to take over. The process for them will flow in sleep.


  • Effortless Excellence Workbook has trackers for 3 months. You can reorder the Workbook again after 3 months

Program Structure:

  • The Program runs for a course of 3 Months.
  • Practice Sessions are a set of recorded sessions for you to practice yourself.
  • Lectures will be available through the duration of the program for you to understand the science and practice. 
  • Workbook has a schedule for 3 months. You can order a new one from our website after 3 months.
  • Support Sessions & Forum
    • Gurukul – Doubt Clearing Sessions
    • Jigyasa – Discussion Sessions
    • Online Forum

* Support sessions & Sessions for parents are part of assisted & guided packages respectively. Please refer to the Program schedule & Fees.

program schedule & fees


Features of a Product Approach

Do-It-Yourself Kit 

Assisted Package 

Guided Package 

1. Duration

3 Months

3 Months

3 Months

2.  Program Fee

INR 17,771  

Rs. 31,771/

Rs. 37,771- 

  • Theory Book 
  • Workbook 

The most important part of the program. 

These have been designed to bring awareness through self-assessment in the students and bring a shift in their energy on its own.  

It will also help parents of young students to identify the root cause at a glance and work with students, teachers and us to resolve the root cause. 







Online pre-recorded lectures access for the Program Duration to understand science & concepts 






Agneya – our flagship practice session to help implement the techniques. These will be pre-recorded sessions to be accessed and practice any time. 






Weekly Sessions to clear doubts & queries. There will 1 session per week – 12 sessions in 3 Months 

Not Available 






These sessions are to help a student to come and discuss their issues or areas they want to work upon in detail with the faculty. 

-1 Session per month; 3 Session in 3 months 


Not Available 






These sessions are for parents to work on themselves through the journey of their kids. 


  • 1 Session per month; 3 sessions in 3 months


Not Available 

Not Available 



A dedicated space to put in queries, doubts or updates. It will be responded to by the faculty within 24 hours of posting. The principle behind using the forum is, whatever challenge you are stuck with, bringing it to your faculty’s awareness itself will begin to unfold the solution for you. 






Schedule of the Program

Enrollment Begins



Enrollment Closes



Effortless Excellence Book & Workbook Dispatch 



Aarambh (Program begins)

8-October; 6 PM



Every Wednesday; 6 AM

    Jigyasa                                                                        2nd Friday; 6 PM (Every Month)    
    Parent’s Session                                                            3rd  Friday; 6 PM (Every Month)                                     



You shall be able to have more confidence and peace within, more focus in the class room, better ability to deal with difficult situations, people and emotions, and better sleep quality.

Let us light a lamp in the life of one person more than last year. Let us raise hope. Let us take responsibility for the planet. We owe it to our mother and our motherland.


You would not need to cope with the suffering then; the techniques will take you to your realizations which will lead you to the wisdom which holds the key to the cure.





Are you a sceptic about science and spirituality? This is your starting point.

Several hours of content in the form of blogs, videos, testimonials and lecture videos are available on topics which relate to your own experiences and decodes your life choices. This will help you discover layers of your ego and decode the hidden wisdom in you. 

Stay updated with our research

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