Vedna + Manthan

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So, at this point, you have completed Chetna and are ready to move ahead towards Vedna, with hope and curiosity.
As you move towards signing up, it is important that you consider the scenario of taking up Manthan as well, after Vedna. Manthan typically follows in after 10 days to fortnight pause, post-Vedna.
During Vedna, you will gain fluency with the language of your multiple algorithms and would have done some work through the lenses of Parents, Sexuality, and Emotional Body.
This will prepare you to work on yourself in the realms of your own dark and with the vision to crack open the floodgates of light, at Manthan.
By signing up together you set the ball rolling for yourself to eradicate your suffering with an incremental commitment to your own transformation. And you also bring your attention to creating the due time, space and energy, for your path ahead.
Also, you become an integral part of the NV Life Fellowship Program, on the completion of Manthan.




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