Chetna + Vedna + Manthan

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From Chetna to Manthan, you shall cover the entire journey from the stage of initiation to the advanced stage, whereby you would have progressed from-
learning to diagnose to restoring.
As your emotional body shall begin to open up with your learnings in Chetna, you shall work more at a personal level to access your lack. You will learn to work on the same with the help of your algorithms and the chakravyuh of suffering which manifests on account of your myriad belief and consequent loop of emotions. As you do so in Vedna, you will learn to identify, acknowledge and work on your dark, to then be able to embrace light, with a deeper, advanced level delving through coaching and and incisive, laser-pointed approach to eradicate the lack, reach a place of void and making a fresh beginning




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