Preparation for Cure and healing

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Preparation for Cure and healing

Prepare your environment for your healing journey.

Either the environment gives you the energy or you radiate the energy in the environment.
So, does our environment have an impact on us?
Think about this. Stand at a traffic light, all you can hear is the honking and screaming. But if you go to a forest- all you can hear is the chirping of birds.
You already know what you would prefer.
How does fire enhance your healing? How does water enhance your healing? What are some of the best and worst practices to have in your environment?
Through this video learn to create a healing space for your meditation.

We are busy with the issue of survival and we have no time for ourselves. How do we break that?

But somehow, time is never a problem, we always find time for something which we feel is important to us.
What does not having time means?
How can you create time despite having no energy left by the end of the day?
Is your space so suffocated, that you cannot even conceive the idea of a better life?

Your spirit is drying up! Wake up. Discover the correlation between time, energy and space using your breath as a medium.

These are words easily understandable, but what happens if in your journey towards the cure- you have sincerity but no commitment?
Discipline but no sincerity, Commitment but no discipline?

On this path, you take absolute responsibility for yourself because you are now trying to discover the cure within you.
Learn the science of the three pillars of success. Watch the video.

The outcome of any situation is a manifestation of your intent. Energy flows where attention goes.
But we are often blindsided by our intent due to multiple layers of ego, belief & morality.

Learn to distinguish between Intention, Attention and Awareness through this video.