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1. Ever since Chetna – all that was packed and stowed away is coming up like a shit storm. I am trying to commit myself more and more to resolving all that is coming up. 


This exactly was the purpose of the program- to bring awareness of what was stored before that becomes suffering. This remains a roller coaster ride albeit a beautiful one as your Intensity, periodicity and time interval of positive emotions grow and negative emotions perish. Your life events which are coming up now, are guiding you to go deeper and clear the belief through NV Hunting.  This is how you stabilise at a new quantum level and the storm settles down. This is covered in Vedna. 


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2. My peers in the program had Aha moments or could feel strong negative emotions and ground the same. I had no such moment. I feel I have not done justice to Chetna. 


Everyone has their own pace and journey. The inner journey is pretty much a tortoise walk. We have seen those who have Aha moments,  get badly stuck at the next level and all of our steady students make a more sustainable transformation. Your only comparison is with you. It is not a chess game but snakes and ladders. Each day, check your sincerity, commitment, and discipline. Make observations about your progress but do not conclude. In the course of this journey, one day we find we have arrived at the next quantum level of our transformation. 


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3. I have constant to-do lists and an overwhelmingly busy schedule. I want to crack my trauma but I don’t have that luxury of time. 


Every moment we live, we breathe. If you begin to observe your breath, it will create space and the constraint of time will diminish. The first thing you need to ask yourself do you have a problem with the problem? Are you comfortable with your suffering? Ask yourself if you are so busy then you must be doing something significant and if so, there is no suffering and you do not need any program. But if this is draining you that means you are running away from your inner self and keeping yourself busy. Stop that right away and pause. 


Alternatively, since your main issue seems to be the lack of time for yourself. You need to question what is consuming your breath? Your time is a function of your space which is crowded with the baggage of your emotions and thoughts of the past trauma/events of your life. It is clouding your mind always and due to lack of clarity of mind, anything you do will take more time. To create time, you must clear that space of the past and NV Hunting is the technique for the same. You will observe that once your space is cleared up, the time duration remains the same but your productivity and efficiency go up manifold. 


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 4. How long do we need to keep working on ourselves? Is this a never-ending process, if we stop, do we fall back into our suffering? 


If by observing my breath, my life is effortlessly becoming effortless then I do not want this process to stop ever. Falling back is a function of arriving at a new quantum level. As long as you are aware of various belief from your events in the childhood, they can always pull you down the moment you forget to pursue Yog Nidra. The whole Purpose of Vedna is to help you heal those known belief in the events trapping your consciousness and purpose of Manthan is to help you heal those unknown belief which may surface tomorrow as suffering. That is why Chetna, Vedna and Manthan is a complete course of treatment to help you arrive at a quantum level from where it is very un probable to fall down. 









Meditation – the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

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