Physical Retreat 2.0 at PELLING 

We learned from our first retreat and in the next version, we organized the courseware so that everyone can participate in it including chronic cases. It is focused on creating one coach in one family. Its timing has worked out to be divine intervention for all of us. Here are the key points for the retreat. 

1. It is bigger 

The first physical retreat of the year gave us an abundance of blessings and unravelled deep mysteries. To us, it felt as if the Physical Retreat was just a perfect plan laid out by the universe to bring all of us together to experience the blessings, wisdom, love and pain of our existence.  

This retreat was 5 days long. By the time we peaked in our energies on day 3, we had to start taming down. Students need time to absorb. So the next retreat is for 7 days. 2 days extra packed in. 

2. Bridging the gap between new and old students: 

The most unique feature of this retreat is that it blurs the lines of differentiation between a new student who has never practised before and an old student who has already experienced the cure. This is the gift of a physical retreat. Everyone is at par. There is no replacement for technique practice. In absence of technique, wisdom reduces to knowledge and gives rise to ego. The experience of insights with the breath is the path for inner journey and our team ensures that everyone learns to streamline the breath. Plus, there are so many small hints and tips you receive, when you practise NV Hunting in our presence, that it goes deeper and in the online format, all of it was not possible. 


Courseware Structure 


Element One: Deep Diagnosis- Now diagnose your friends and family 

The first two days will be devoted to deep diagnosis. No, we will not do diagnosis. We will teach you how to do diagnosis. In addition, you will be asked to diagnose one of your family members and discover the hidden patterns and tendencies of each other. You want to call it a relationship retreat?? Well, it is not far from it, but it is one small part where in the first three days, you decode your patterns of sufferings with your loved ones.  

We will also share our template with you so that you can begin to diagnose every problem you face in life. So, when you are hungry, you have Swiggy. When you feel stuck, you have a tool of diagnosis.  


Element Two: Practise Leads to Mastery 

We said this enough. No replacement. The best part is that one can still be doing OTB while others could even do advanced stages of breathing which probably never got shared with you. Many of you are not practising techniques properly having learnt through the courseware and online format.  


Element Three: The Founder-Led Experience 

In the last retreat, the founder was interference in your learning. More than students, we found he was keen to take lectures. This time we have consolidated our founder. He will only be allowed for the last 2/3 days when everyone has come up to a certain level. He will lead the consolidation too. This will enhance your experience and deepen the cure.  

Therefore, all the lectures and interventions from the founder are organized on the last days for enhancing the learning to take it to the higher frequency.  


Element Four: Count your blessings 

We have a problem in life. We do not count how blessed we are. We just get trapped in that one thing which is not working for us. Consolidation is the way of life to embrace it and to see a vision for the future. We did try to teach this but in the last retreat, we found how to do it in a simple manner. You will be required to consolidate your life and its blessings and learning with the founder-led team in the last days and learn to express yourself on camera. This is far more important than anything else. Yes, you will be making a film and you will be its scriptwriter. Of course, it becomes part of your memories forever.  

Our film division and scriptwriters will be on-site to help you script. Of course, your best outfit can be out that day. 


Element Five: Allure of September 

Our last trip to Pelling let us witness the biggest super-moon of the year 2022. It was as stunning as it got. We are called once again. Our host from Sikkim informed us when we blocked the dates that there is a very special full moon night coming up on 10th September 2022. The Pemayangtse Monastery will be celebrating on this day an annual and very significant traditional Sikkimese festival known as Pang Lhabsol. The team will be meditating and attending this ceremony. This will be a good day for you to meditate with us and the whole group is expected to be one frequency for the  next days. It is a rare opportunity to experience and immerse in the energies of Sikkimese culture as well as a meaningful part of your schedule at the retreat. We are so looking forward to it. 


Element Six: The Last Leg at Legship: The Secret Cave and Lake 

In the last retreat we visited the Secret Cave of Dakini or as the locals call it  Lho Khandro Sang Phug.  As we arrived at wisdom through the retreat, we received as a group, a plenitude of blessings.  Meditating in this cave was one of the most mystical experiences we have had. By the end of the last retreat, we guided all our 21 students to meditate in the cave. It was reported that each one of them received exactly what they needed.  

We want our upcoming batch to undergo the same experience. The last day of visit is hence kept for the cave. We visited the mystical lake and it is called the wishing lake. Legend has it that your wish is fulfilled at this lake but that is very small thing compared to the mystical experiences we had there. We decoded why and how this lake is significant and how energies work in that region from lake to cave. Lake was a late finding, and the last batch could not be taken there. You could go there now once you understand the science of mystery working there. 


Element Seven: Wisdom & Blessings 

Become aware this retreat is not spiritual tourism while it may have shades of the same. This retreat will open your blessings and wisdom at the highest frequency. Wisdom and blessings go hand in hand. Each is meaningless without the other (Read blog from Sir). 

The seventh element will be received by you in the spirit form. It cannot be seen but only  felt! Prepare to witness. Your journey has only just begun.    




Date Event 
Sept 09, 2022 Arrival in Pelling 
Sept 10, 2022 (Morning to Afternoon) Pang Lhabsol Celebration 
Sept 10, 2022 (Evening) 


Form based workout for: 

  • Intent Form 
  • Consent Form 
  • Diagnostic Form 
 Sept 11, 2022- Sept 13,2022 One on One Deep Diagnosis and Practise of Techniques 
Sept 14, 2022 NV Hunting through SOC 
Sept 15, 2022 Vartalaap with Founder 
Sept 16, 2022 Consolidation and B Roll Shoot
Lake Visit (Batch wise) 
Sept 17, 2022 Continued consolidation and B Roll Shoot  

Lake Visit (Batch wise) 

Evening soirée 

Sept 18, 2022 


Dispersal + Cave Visit 


Program Fee 

Participant only 251,771/ 
Participant + Caregiver 251,771/ + 121,771/- 


*GST @18% is applicable  

** The Program Fee   

  • As mentioned above is in INR.   
  • GST @ 18% is applicable on the above-stated fee amount.  
  • The fee, as mentioned denotes the amount per participant   
  • Fee for the program includes payment towards the Program. Accommodation Fee is to be paid to the resort directly by the student and will be negotiated by us on students’ behalf. 
  • Traveling expenditure and arrangements are participants’ own responsibility.  
  • The program starts and ends on the scheduled dates.  
  • Requests for a change in the finalised schedule will not be accommodated.  
  • The company follows a no-refund policy 


Venue of Retreat 

 – On full board basis @Chumbi Mountain Retreat Hotel and Spa, Pelling. Sikkim. 

The resort was also featured in 2018, in the September edition, amongst 15 exotic destination retreats across Asia to suit all your wellness needs 

Link to the resort location:  








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