We have reinvented our programs! Find out what’s new.

If you are meditating and it is not reversing your suffering, then you are not meditating.


Our 21-day intervention is now a 365-day intervention. More space, slower pace, deeper practise and leaner interventions.

Over the last 24 seasons of digital programs, we learnt that such a vast, deep and intense subject requires more space to explore, experience and practise. It was anticipated that after learning the courseware you would be able to practise on your own. But it had its own shortfalls as you would require long-term periodic engagements and reminders.

In a world where everything is making you turn outward and lose yourself; the new format is built to gently turn you in.

Our learnings from 2020-2022

Anyone can experience the cure anytime, anywhere.

  1. More Time: Our older formats had a linear structure- 21 days, 42 days and 90 days. However, that was fast-paced for the learners. The new model will help you pace out your learning over a year. You choose your pace of learning, implementation, and practise.
  2. Linear Vs Open Structure: Every suffering is different, so is every journey. The cure is the same, but the route of treatment varies. Each journey is non-linear that cannot be contained by a structured courseware. This means everyone now has access to all lectures anytime, anywhere, all at once.
  3. Choice Vs Prescribed: This is an experience that you will have by choice. You choose your lecture; you choose your area of work. You have complete control and freedom over what you wish to watch and learn. While the support and guidance is extended by the faculty.

One Program for One Family:

Curedemy One is for the whole family. Which means one subscription can be used by the whole family. Every member of the family can access the Vartalaap videos, the FAQ videos and every other content available.

Also, for sessions, one family member can attend the session at one time and the next family member can attend the next time (applicable for Manthan).

What is the difference between Chetna, Manthan & Treatment Program?

Start your journey from here
(for the sceptics)

Graduate into curing your suffering

Rigorous program for chronic suffering



Treatment Program


1. Observe The Breath (OTB)

2. Observe The Thought (OTT)

3. NV Swimming

4. NV Hunting

5. Dark & Fantasy


Jigyasa (Monthly)

Home Tuition (Weekly)

1/2/3 Home Tuition Sessions


1. Agneya – The Guided Meditation

2. Cotton

3. OTB

4. OTT

5. Preparation for Cure and Healing

6. Yog Nidra/ NV Swimming

7. Algorithm

8. Loop of Suffering

9. Soul Journey

10. Emotional Body

11. Sleep

12. Mental Body

13. Sexuality (Basic)

14. Sexual Abuse

15. Sexuality (Love, Care, Desire)

16. NV Hunting

17. Relationships

18. Parents (Basic)

19. Parents (Intermediate)

20. Parents (Advanced)

21. Fantasy

22. Dark

23. Food & Money

24. Pain & Sensuality

25. Prahar

*Monthly Jigyasa for Treatment Program is available after 3 months.