Path of Will (Ambition) vs. Path of Surrender


The gentle switch from the space of wanting solutions to having them arrive

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1. Game vs. Sport

(Analogy of a Tennis Game)

Ambition versus Surrender is the difference between a game vs. a sport.
To be ambitious is to win the game. But when you are in surrender you are just playing the sport which means you don’t let the ball drop.

Let’s take the example of Tennis. You know, how tennis works?

The more you go back and forth with your partner, the more fun it becomes. But if you’re ambitious, then instead of trying new things you are just going to try harsher ways to somehow win the game, and then the fun and joy of playing that game just go away.

So OTB & turning inwards is like playing a sport – you go with the flow, enjoy it and play as it comes intuitively to you. You stay with the process of playing and enjoy staying there.

And that’s the difference you need to keep in your awareness.
Are you playing the sport or are you trying to win the game? Because in this there is no winning the game. It is a sport you keep playing throughout and have fun with.

Tulika Mukherjee (Faculty)


2. From the book

The need to survive, thus, is the origin of all belief and lack of faith creates the need to survive. Hence, faith is inversely proportional to belief. The more you surrender and experience faith in mystery, the more you feel oneness. That is how you feel guided with the insight to pursue a purposeful life. Faith gave rise to feeling contentment, which is the base emotion for experiencing bliss.

From Chapter Origin, History and Introduction of Belief (pg 23)



Meditation – the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

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