Pain and Suffering : What Is The Difference?

Pain and bliss are an inevitable and natural phenomenon and we are naturally gifted to experience these two extreme frequencies. When a child is hurt, then he/she experiences pain and cries out as it experiences pain. A child cries out, the pain disappears and the next moment child is ready to play again having no impression of fear of pain.

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The same toy, same kids and child is at the same place doing the same thing to experience Joy and bliss by being total in that moment of being playful. However, that is not how we groom our children. We give them a belief that pain is not good and stay away from people/places/situations which give you pain. While as parents you are right to protect children, but mistake happens when we give a belief that you shall not cry when it pains… be strong… boys shall not cry…

And the child learns to suppress the pain inside and it creates internal conflict in a child to suppress pain vis a vis its natural tendency to feel the pain and let it go. This is suffering.

Suffering is the process through which pain is blocked by inducing a belief to help a child survive as a strong, bold person.

As adults, we continue to suffer because we have fixed belief. For example, you have a belief that when you are feeling weak in a moment and you are standing for your loved one, you expect your loved one to openly defend you and fight for you. If not, you believe you are not being protected and loved and you continue to doubt your relationship, your partner’s love for you and suffer. In reality, your partner may have thought of other ways in which he/she wants to protect you than you could think of. Your partner may feel that you do not need protection right now and that he/she knows that when needed it will be given to you without you expecting it…

So suffering is a product of belief that is created by us or given to us as part of our growing up to feel safe, protected and loved but that is exactly what it does not do. While if we allow pain to surface within us. When feeling weak in a moment, we allow that weakness to be felt, we know like a child does that it will automatically get grounded, leaving you fearless and in touch with your divine…



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 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

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