It all started with divine intervention which led to the discovery of some basic principles of breathing for meditationThereafter, it was an effortless journey which Naveen Varshneya, the founder of NV Life, set out on  Soon, Naveen found himself looking at cases of 2 multiorgan failureWhen his interventions brought successful turn-around in both cases, hrealized the impact of the work of the energy body in healing. Butbeing clueless about how it works and its mechanismthe founder began to research, through the course of his work.  It took Naveen by surprise when patient of Schizophrenia reversed hallucination and delusion within days, following Naveen’s mechanism to balance electromagnetic field.  While attending to thousands of patients through his search for science of curethe ball was set rolling towards the discovery of three key guiding principles, which later laid the ground for Meditation-The Cure.  The three principles were  
  1. It is nonscalable to heal anyone and cure, given the amount of suffering the world has; one person cannot do it all. 
  1. It cannot be something mystical that small alteration in breathing could reverse schizophrenia. If it works for one, then it shall work for all. It will work for all, only if it is science. 
  1. Science, if discoveredshall be so effective and simple that it can be taught to people to cure themselves. 
Since then, working through innumerable cases of suffering (distress, disorder, disease), the science, process, and techniques have been perfected and been taught in more than 100 workshops, before documentation in the form of the bookMeditation– The Cure in the year 2017.  Over the years, more than 5000 households are using the book to reverse their suffering. To further support the book readers, courseware has been prepared to create the NV Life Certification Program and the first batch of 16 coaches stand certified today; the team of coaches guides those who set out on the discovery of the cure and their inner journey.  NV LIFE is the story of how the grace of divine intervention, a small clue, and a real proof led to the discovery of the most obvious secret of the universe, which was over the centuries either distorted or kept hidden. Regardless, it was always kept away from common people, and humanity was made dependent on few people and their intuition, rendering them helpless and prone to manipulation.  Here is the discovery in a nutshell 
  1. State of meditation is the state of cure. If one can arrive at the state of meditation, then any form of suffering will reverse on its own. NV LIFE has discovered the science of meditation, which was practiced by mystics in ancient times, to attain enlightenment. 
  1. The Cure is within you. No one can heal you. The human body is not designed to be cured by anyone else. 
  1. If you are meditating and it is not reversing your suffering, then you are not meditating. As discovered by NV Life, there is a science of meditation to be followed. 
Having traversed this path of insights, research, and discovery, NV LIFE is now an organization which teaches people how to cure themselves, with 
  1. The book, MeditationThe Cure 
  1. Through remote support program to help people in critical conditions 
  1. Through a workshop where people with suffering come and learn 
  1. Certification program where individuals are choosing to become expert, to help book readers 
  1. The digital learning management system is now being conceived to reach larger audience