I’m a patient recovering from a paralytic stroke with meditation

The book is a path-breaking Research work. It brings together the ancient learnings which till now had been coming in bits and pieces and interpreted according to people’s understanding, it has now been supported by scientific research and application, something the current day logical person looks at before acceptance 

The learned being today quickly classifies something, not to their understanding as Mythology with emphasis on MYTH. This book helps clear those doubts 

The book focuses on the well-being of humanity. It simplifies the processes while being elaborate on each process. This helps a person begin the journey to wellbeing without a physical guide standing alongside 

I was a patient recovering from a paralytic stroke have been able to tread on the path shown. A social media-based Support group by the Author helps validation on processes and make course corrections if needed. There are no barriers in sharing the knowledge 

It is an investment that will keep fetching returns which are priceless. 

To discover the science of cure, Read the book Meditation The Cure– By Naveen Varshneya 


Note from Curedemy: The social media-based support group, mentioned by the author of the above note has been dismantled. We nurture and support all our book readers through the Whispering Wisdom Forum