Mystery of Travel in Space & Time


Question:  What does space mean to you? Can there be unmanifested space? Does space travel or do we travel in it?

Your unmanifested space is the unknown past and the unforeseen future probabilities. When Arjun got gyan from Krishna, he travelled in the space which was hidden inside him in the layers of his subconscious, unknown to him. 

Each breath that you take, connects you to your past. Therefore, you travel in space with each breath.  

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Your past has 3 components 

  • Present Birth (including the period in mother’s womb)
  • Past lives 
  • Collective Unconscious also known as – Shrishti layer 

When Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment, he saw his past 500 births. This is what legend tells us. Therefore, he became aware of the space of the last 500 births and was able to access the wisdom like Arjun and he was liberated by merging his space in the present moment.  He stopped travelling in space with his next breath onwards, as he became one unified consciousness and saw the vision and purpose of his life. 

Therefore, we travel in space as long as we are trapped by our past. The moment we arrive at the wisdom hidden in the experiences of the past, this space becomes our consciousness and we stop to travel. Else, we continue to remain stuck in the past and consume our breath. 


Question: It intrigues me further whether this travel is in space or time? Or as few believe space is time and vice versa.

Each time we breathe, and our breath takes us to our space, if the space does not become consciousness (meaning if it does not give us insights or wisdom), it triggers a thought. 

This triggered thought, which in turn leads to worrying about the future or creating a belief about life – is a unit in time. This is how we travel in space and time. The reason we suffer is because our space is getting squeezed every passing day. This is due to not being able to extract wisdom from our past. The more we squeeze the space, the more we move in time. Space relates to your spirit and time relates to your thoughts.  

Time is an illusion (Maya). The time seizes for a yogi who stays in the space, deriving wisdom and that expands his consciousness. There is no space outside. Outside is inside. This is how our mystics travelled across galaxies in their meditation and came out decoding the mysteries of the cosmos. The entire universe is within you and you are in the universe.  

Aham Brahmasmi. 



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