My son and my wife have noticed the positivity that the program has helped bring about. – Bikash

Student Name: Bikash Chowdhury
Course Attended: Chetna 12.0
Suffering: Emotional Distress


I was introduced to NV Life and Chetna by my wife. She had gone through the Science of Oxygenation program and had experienced a positive impact on herself. When I enrolled for Chetna, I had a very simple objective. I wanted to understand how I can manage my stress and improve my general well-being, as my hypothesis was that my life was being constrained massively by stress. 

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My expectation from the program was that Chetna will teach me techniques and tools for meditation that will help me manage my stress. I started reading the book only after I joined Chetna, so I wasn’t prepared for what unraveled for me as part of the program. 

Of course, I learned about OTB, OTT, Yog Nidra, Science of Cure, NV Swimming, Algorithm, and Loop Suffering. The techniques were easy to understand and implement. And there was no pre-requisite or need for infrastructure. I could practice it at any time of the day. 

What I found most profound and empowering during the course of the program is that the cure for our suffering is within us; we don’t need to seek solutions elsewhere. Who we are, the emotions that we experience, our thoughts, our belief, and our ego all weave a complex mesh to trap us in our suffering, and it is within our power to address them. 

There are so many ideas that are powerful. But not all of them are simple to understand, leave alone simple to implement. The real power of Chetna I feel is the simplicity of idea and comprehensiveness of tools and techniques. 

I was on a steep learning curve as I experienced Chetna. Every lecture/video had something new to teach me. Whether it was the Science of Cure, Algorithm, Loop of Suffering, or Sexuality, I realized that these are completely different ways of looking at my life and lifestyle. Amongst all the lectures that I watched, I liked the Loop of Suffering the most as it provided a simple yet comprehensive way of understanding my behavior and making me more aware of myself. I could then leverage my awareness to address my suffering. 

As the program unfolded, I found Chetna taking me into places that I had not even remotely thought could be a cause of stress. I recalled and relived events and experiences buried deep in my memory – events that I was either avoiding or events that I hadn’t thought mattered. The daily tracker was particularly useful as a tool for journaling and introspection. 

My family and colleagues have noticed a change in my appearance and demeanor. “Whatever it is that you are doing, seems to be working. Your face is glowing”, was an observation from one of my colleagues.  

But the effect of Chetna is not just at the physical level. My son and my wife have noticed the positivity that the program has helped bring about. I have found that my awareness levels have increased and I am able to make myself aware of my emotions in various situations. And I have experienced the magic of OTB and Science of Cure in dealing with my emotions. 

I need to continue to work on increasing my awareness level with the help of various concepts and techniques I learned in Chetna, to delve deeper into areas that will help me experience the pain of my emotions to further reduce my suffering.

The journey has just begun. But it is going to be one of self-discovery and awareness. 


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