My experience, learning and realization during Manthan was very profound.            

Something or someone I was searching for years maybe from my childhood. A guide, a navigator towards my journey. There is a deep craving in my heart or soul that a proper person should hold my little finger and show the path towards life. I was curious about searching for that help. But now after 42 years I know I met my master- he is answering all my questions and showing the path towards life holding my little finger. Naveen sir thank you; knowingly or unknowingly you have healed the child inside me, which was wounded and reduced the burden in my heart. My thirst is quenched. I feel contentment. I have learned about my own self, the true colors of my own I can see and there is still more to discover. I can see all my beliefs, lack, tendencies, and patterns of myself.    

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We as a group were able to help each other to know our own true characters to know our weaknesses, to know our strengths and to realize and accept our own grey shades. And for me, it’s a great platform where I can speak from my heart and no one is judging me and accepting me the way I am.                                     

The Certification program’s classroom sessions were amazing. Any words if I express or write towards Naveen sir – it will be less. He was just an open heart. Thank you, master.                                 

Realization is an awakening alarm towards the inner and outer journey; both must be aligned, and I must always be aware of myself and aware of my breath.  

Awareness, Awareness, and Awareness.                                                                         

The amazing thing is that this Manthan’s duration was just 8 days, but I felt as if I had spent 20 days or more. The place where we stayed, and the ambience and sir’s and coaches’ energy helped me a lot.                                   

Thank you, Sir and the whole team and the coaches.    

Lakshmi Killi