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Mind has no mind outside the need to survive. In its pure form, it is the consciousness

Naveen Varshneya

What is mental health 

Mental health in simple words can be defined as “Absolute degree of Freewill”. This means that if we want to pay attention to some thought or act upon an emotion, our mind shall stay in that space. It shall not, on its own, decide to think whatever it wants to such that we have no control on our thoughts.  We often know it as our ability to remain attentive on something we wish to pay attention to.  

Every one of us have mental disorder. This means there are moments through the day when mind takes over or we react compulsorily based on the thoughts, which are triggered on their own. Degree of disorder varies from person to personThis formpattern, which occurs periodicity on its own. Such thoughts are result of hidden OCDrunning inside our mind and an external event is just a trigger

What governs our mind? How can we restore mental health?

Common characteristics of Autism:

  • Slow learning: Reflects the decision not to connect with physical world and adopt to it 
  • Speech delays: Do not wish to connect and communicate 
  • Less eye contact and socialization: Avoiding social connect and interactions 
  • Self-destructive tendency: Hidden anger emerging out of helplessness 
  • OCD: Repeating words or actions, continuously watching the fan moving, constantly spinning an object in a circle, being glued to an object or one’s own hand for hours etc. 
  • Crying nonstop: Releasing pain hidden  
  • Restlessness, ADHD activities: trapped energies being vent out 
  • Perceptive about lower or higher band of sound frequencies far more than normal human being 
  • Smell Touch 
  • Ability to see people and images which appears delusional to normal people 

This is result of interference of subconscious with conscious mind, which has softly been passed on during pregnancy, and in first 18 months, as it begins to get active from dormant stage, it reflects state of attention seeking, releasing trapped energies and anger towards the world to remain aloof in their own world. 

The fine balance of the five senses with the sixth one (pineal gland) is also skewed due to which their sleep is disturbed and have access to various images and colors during the sleep. This is also reflected that their navel area is generally colder than their forehead and temple area. 

Through our research and work on mothers, it is established that mothers subconsciously pass on their hopelessness and hidden OCD to the child during the nine months.

The womb- Field of infinite probabilities  

According to Ayurveda, our dosha type is defined at the time of birth. It is defined that one dosha is prominent and other two are dormant. This means that during the nine months, when the baby is in the womb, the cause of a specific tendency (prakriti) in the child depends on how the mother is breathing. The embryo is breathing the same permutation and combination of five elements as the mother is, in that moment.  

Astrology, as a science, attempted to understand the same through sheer mathematics, to predict choices to be made by the child, based on the prakriti of the mother and family, to reflect – the probabilities of tendencies to turn into vikrutiThis decodes why two children of the same mother have different tendencies, different choices, and hence a different destiny. It is based on what tendencies the mother has breathed and passed on to the child in the nine months. Having passed on those tendencies, after the delivery through pain, she begins to experience other tendencies. During the next pregnancy, she passes on what she is breathing now as tendenciesHer tendencies are not just her own but are also acquired through the family she comes from and is married into. Her husband has already passed on the tendencies through the sperm. Therefore, a pregnant woman holds infinite probabilities, which she can architect in whichever way she wants. This is the reason pregnancy was considered as a spiritual process and pregnant woman was pampered and loved. An aware woman has the choice to witness negative emotions and tendencies and not pass on to the child. By doing so, she heals her own tendencies from negativity. This is why giving birth to a child has an opportunity for woman to transform from her karmic debt. Any bad tendency found in the child is also pointed at the mother for not doing a good job. This becomes the basis of geneticsSo-called genetic disease is nothing but a tendency passed on with high power without awareness, which gets coded in the DNA. In its milder form, it is nothing but a tendency you see in the child. If it reflects the symptoms of some disease from the previous generation, it is referred to as a genetically acquired disease. 

Chapter Medicine and Spirituality, Book “Meditation The Cure”, Author- Naveen Varshneya. 


Our Research: 

The ancient wisdom is that during pregnancy, the Mother passes on “sanskar” to the child. Therefore, birthing was taken as a very spiritual and divine intervention. In every culture, there were rituals and discipline to be followed by the entire family to look after a pregnant woman. This was to ensure that she stays at a high vibratory level of emotions while carrying the vision of the family to pass on positive tendencies from the lineage to the child in the womb.    

We worked with mothers and women for over a decade and handled all range of issues of young women and mothers. Such as Autism, infertility, PCOD, ADHD, and wide varieties of issues faced by mothers.  

We discovered under what circumstances such tendencies are passed on to the child in pregnancy. Using the algorithm of their Lack, Tendency, and Patterns, we have been able to help them reverse those tendencies in the children. In the case of women with infertility and PCOD, after 3 months, they begin to restore health and are back to normal life.  

The key tenets of our research and solution are 

The algorithm tracks the Lack in age 0-7, tendencies formed in age 7-14 and patterns created in 14-21 age group.  For example, very common Lack in women is rejection faced as a girl child. Therefore, developing tendencies to manage their femininity

Women have three main points of transition where their prakriti changes. If insensitive to it, it causes Vikruti in them, which reflects in their body, motherhood and relationships. Men have the same, but its impact is not so pronounced in their body as sexuality fluid in men which in women is biological.  

  • Puberty: Loss of childhood and acceptance of womanhood is far bigger education area for young girls then just educating them about periods. 
  • Marriage: Swift but significant change in the life of a woman.  
  • Motherhood: This is a major transition and often taken as death of womanhood with the birth of motherhood. All major complication in child and mother post-delivery are due to this aspect. This is the turning point in the life of a woman as she loses her freewill, which often means to women death of their femininity, unless there is a vision and larger purpose in conceiving a child. The same motherhood when created with vision blossoms womanhood and turns the woman sensual and powerful. 

Starting from Lack in the childhood, there is accumulation of hopelessness hidden in the subconscious. As she passes through various stages and events of life, it either heals the hopelessness or increases the hopelessness. Through various transition, finally during pregnancy, this dormant hopelessness becomes prominent and gets passed on to the child with various emotions such as anger, helplessness, loneliness, unloved, unaccepted and unworthiness. The permutation and combination of these emotional states, which a woman is unaware of when passed on to the child is the root cause behind conditions such as autism, ADHD etc

You have probably heard about energy cord connected with the child from various healers’ community. However, you wonder how to cut that cord. Before you cut that cord, you need to identify that your child mirrors your emotions. Your OCD when passed on to child develops into the tendency to keep repeating the same task. Your tendency of anger on self in helplessness reflects in his self-destructive tendenciesTo cut the cord is a long-drawn process of self-transformation. 

These are the main research points based on which each case is diagnosed. A structured and elaborate courseware has been created. It covers prevention for aspiring woman wanting to conceive and for those who are pregnant can eliminate risk of any abnormality.  Mothers/parents go through this program consisting of science and techniques (all based on meditation and science of breathing), they begin to witness reversal of tendencies in their children (autism and ADHD and other disorders and diseases. Disability is excluded). 

Our treatment  

Our treatment is a courseware scientifically prepared having worked with thousands of cases since 2010.  Entire courseware is structured into our three programs of 3 weeks each. 

3 months online course 

  1. Chetna 
  2. Vedna  
  3. Manthan 


Physical retreat:

Post digital programs, where everyone begins to see the differences in themselves and their child, there are physical retreats, which one can take up at their own pace to go deeper and work on remaining issues. 

All programs are based on book Meditation The Cure. The book has science and techniques generic for all kind of suffering. Program faculty includes mentors who were once mothers like you and joined us after solving their issues. 

We do not work on children. They are just your symptoms. You are the carrier of the root cause. You enroll in the program. Ideally with your husband but not a prerequisite. He will join when he begins to see the transformation in you and your child. 

We do not work on mental disability casesHowever, we encourage parents of such cases to join the program to cleanse a lot of energies and it has helped the couple improve their quality of life significantly.

 If a child is below 7 years of age, there is a very high probability of reversing the spectrum and the child going to normal school. 

If the child is below 3 years of age, it is possible to reverse fully. 

If you are pregnant and fear your child, please read the research section on this page. Joining Chetna alone is general cleansing and is preventive in nature in such cases. 

NOTE: The cure is within you. We teach you and work with you. Results are dependent on how sincerely you can work on yourself. as long as you are willing to work, we continue to support and help you go deeper to help you eliminate the cause. Once you learn the science, root cause, you have the tools available to you to continue to practice throughout your life. 

One of the most difficult things for some of the mothers is to accept that they need to work on themselves. They land up seeing it as if they are being blamed. They do not realize that it is unknowingly passed on the child. They do not pass on their bad karma and sanskar but of the lineage from both the side.  

Some of the women even question why men are not part of this treatment.  It has been explained above that his tendencies or his family tendencies are passed on through sperm. Therefore, you are the regulator. However, we have seen wherever husbands join the courseware, results are expedited and change in the home environment is beautiful. 

It is recommended that you read the book which will open your spirit and acceptance of the concept. It is a long but transformative journey. Allocate time and space for this course

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