Menstruation: Nature’s guide to meditation

Menstruation: Nature’s guide to meditation

Founder’s Insights • 18 April 2022, 9:00 AM

This is an intricate science. It is based on the principle of the energy body. The energy body is represented by seven chakras. This is where it gets complicated rather than easy as almost everyone feels they know the chakra system. There is a lot of garbage available on the internet about the chakra system.

Therefore, to understand this science, you need to leave behind your knowledge about the chakra system and of course arrogance of being a feminist.
You need to understand 3 concepts:
Interconnection of seven chakras
The flow of energy upwards and downward
Nature (Prakruti) of women and how it is different from men

#1 Interconnection of seven chakras

7 chakras are interconnected. Look at it like a seven-floor building getting water supply from one water tank through pipelines going to each house. Then there is another pipeline which is carrying wastewater out of the building. A small blockage in one pipe anywhere can affect the flow of energy flowing through the entire chakra system network. Though it never really blocks one pipe so strong that the entire flow is choked. When that happens, it is a severe case of mental disorder.

But a tiny obstruction is enough to disturb your energy flow and affect your health and well–being, making you struggle for something you are pursuing. Be it money, peace, relationship, happiness, success or just feeling nice about life. Obstruction is caused by the formation of belief.

Take love. Your heart chakra is fully open. Your emotions are full of love. You are vibrating so high in love that your entire body feels vibrations. This means all your chakra are now vibrating at one frequency. It is known as resonance in physics and you may know it as orgasm state. It is like seven instruments playing their unique frequency in a piece of music. Imagine if they all fuse their own frequencies to create just one sound.
You suddenly get a thought- what if your love fails.

A doubt. Probably based on previous experience. This doubt if persists, can give fear. You experience this at the root chakra. You continue to have the same intense desire but now you begin to feel guilty about it. This is at Swadhisthan chakra. The energy of fear from Root chakra now affects your desire. It further travels up to Manipura. You begin to feel ashamed of your desire. Now your ego comes in. Your protector. You now first want to ensure if your love will be successful this time or not. This closes the heart chakra.

As that valve closes, ego begins to grow, desire begins to dry up and transform into anger and you begin to feel unstable (at root chakra). You must act now. Either you release through crying or you seek assurance and validation from your man or because the valve at heart chakra is closed now, the currents which were going downwards, now return upward causing suffocation in Vishuddhi and making your mind active to work out various survival methods to manage both. Love and doubt. Has love gone out of your system? No. It is now contaminated due to a belief which got triggered causing doubt.

#2 The flow of energy upwards and downward

Take a thought or a wish. Let us take a simple one- You want to have a cup of tea. Technically, you wish to manifest drinking tea. This means the materialization of your thought/need/wish/desire. If this is not materialized, then it remains stuck inside you and you have various emotions around it coming from the lack of fulfilment of a wish or desire as the energy of this wish moves from one chakra to another.

Internally, at the energy level, this thought needs to travel in your lower chakras (Root, Swadhisthan, and Manipura) and this is how it builds energy in you to get up and make tea for yourself and enjoy drinking. This means any thought or an insight or a desire you have, needs to pass through Manipura further down till Root chakra for manifestation. Likewise, every thought where you become intimate with yourself will mean feeling distanced from the material world. Such a desire shall travel up in towards the upper chakras (Vishuddhi, Agneya, and Crown). The heart chakra is a two-way valve that regulates the flow upwards and downwards.

So, there is a downward current and an upward current. It is circular in nature. You probably know it as grounding emotions. This is what is happening at the energy level through the network of pipelines of the chakra system. Every thought, need, or desire has energy. Energy to detach or energy to attach. Based on which current is prominent- upward or downward. You know some people hold grudges or anger and you ask them to forget and they cannot? They cannot ground the emotion because it is stuck in the chakra due to their belief. This is where the pipeline is choked. But such is not an issue with you. You are a nice human being.

#3 Nature (Prakruti) of women and how it is different from men

Love it and accept it. Hating or ignoring is very harmful to you. From the time of menstruation till menopause, the nature of a woman is such that she is wired to create and manifest on earth. She is earth-bound. Her chakra and energy system are channelized for the manifestation of any desire. This is the reason women are nurturers at the core. It is their Prakruti.

Let us not fight nature. This is the reason you probably hear men talk that his fortune shot up after he got married. His woman is lucky for him. This is because he shared a vision with her and she silently nurtured it and it got manifested. This is how we started to put pressure on women to perform.

During the 4 days, all her energies are moving downwards. Both pipeline systems are operating at the same time. She is cleansing and you may want to call that she is purifying. No, she is not impure in these four days. She is releasing all forms of toxicity in these four days. She bounces back to perfect health and an absolute balanced state of spirit-body-mind through this process.

A privilege is given to this gender. She has the opportunity to ground every form of toxicity from her deeds, acts, wishes, emotions, and thoughts through a chemical process. This is the reason women were considered the epitome of health and well–being. This is the reason when periods are delayed, women are gripped by an unknown fear for their well–being. Pain during periods is a symbol that emotions that got suppressed are now being released. In the process, through the second pipeline system, she is nurturing a vision or an insight that is creating an energy field for the manifestation. It is important that she is relaxing and her mind is not active during these days so that there is no interference to manifesting desires or wishes.

Worshipping, chanting, praying, meditation or any religious or spiritual activity triggers an upward current. Higher energies circulation in the pineal gland (Agneya chakra) interferes with the downwards currents.
Humanity had this wisdom in ancient times. Probably to keep men away from her and allow her to stay with her vision, she was kept out from all kinds of physical and mental work. They probably said she is purifying and someone started to say she is impure. Distortion of science was used to manipulate women. Due to the absence of a good hygiene system, she was restricted for her movement but that was only relevant to ancient times. Not at all anymore.

Forget visiting the temple, ideally, women shall capitalize this gift given to them by staying with their desires, love, vision for self and family or humanity- whatever connects them to their spirit and it will get nurtured on its own. Take less work. Stay in body and stay with desire, withdraw and keep social interactions to the minimum. Touch your spirit with art forms. Why would you go out to beg for food when you are producing and feeding many?

Note: Women who are book readers (Meditation – The Cure) know how to stay with the breath during these days and nurture a desire.

Based on the Chapters – (1) Medicine & Spirituality, (2) Energy Body, from book Meditation – The Cure.



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