Meditation – The Cure

Meditation - The Cure

decode the algorithm of your suffering

If you are meditating and it is not reversing your suffering, then you are not meditating.  

The State of Meditation (Yog Nidra) is The State of Cure. 

“Naveen Varshneya”



Meditation The Cure’, is authored by Naveen Varshneya, the Founder of NV Life who through this book brings into light the ancient wisdom- ‘The Cure is Within You.’ 

The book is written with the vision to create health and wellbeing experts in each household. It has step by step techniques so that you can start using them to reverse your sufferings. The science is written in simple language for common people to relate with their life events and become aware of causes of their sufferings. 

It is a scientific synthesis of wisdom of ancient scriptures in simple logical way and uses Swar yog principles to establish science of breathing. 

This book is not just for people with sufferings, it is meant for everyone. You can start your journey at any point in life and this book will only help you go higher. If you are healthy and happy, it will make you reach newer heights (unlock dormant potential), in all spheres. 


Remember, the cure of all suffering is in your hands no matter what your suffering is. The issue is how you may still fail to experience the cure due to your ignorance or arrogance. 

  1. If you have an urgent need for a cure, we suggest you approach Section 3 directly and start experiencing the cure before reading through the book.
  2. Feel free to read through the book, as you like. The whole book is integral to your cure and even after years, you wouldrealisethat it opens up a new dimension for you. Each page has an insight, which will reveal the mysteries of your life. 
  3. Do not approach this book as you approach any other book. You read a page. Pause. Relate with it.Pick up the insights. Breathe them and allow your consciousness to expand and spirit to open up before you read another page or chapter. 
  4. Pause and reflect on the vision for life after your suffering is cured. You have been comfortable in your misery. It is known hence you feel safe. How would you accept something new, which is unknown? Many people fall back after recovering because they cannot handle the newly transformed self.
  5. There is no limit to what you can attain in terms of bliss in the name of cure. You are with most ancient techniques ever known to humanity through which mystics hadthe deepest revelations in meditation. Pause to assess your pace of recovery. 
  6. Your biggest struggle will be to trust yourself that you are recovering. You are not accustomed to turning inwards. You are taught to trust others for health and wellbeing.
  7. Each chapter, page and wordisstructured with an intent to offer you an insight. We are certain that you will experience it as you read through the pages. Be aware of the shifts in your energies, as you read through. 
  8. This book has been written with the intent that it shall be one book for one household. It is your scripture and it is meant to heal only one postal address. Do not let anyone borrow the book from you. It is exactly like giving away the lamp, which lights your home to someone in need. Buy another book and giftit .The more you spread the hope; the more it comes back to you. Do it without creating dark in your house. It is an energy principle. Do not break it. 
  9. Do not look for specific points related to your suffering in the book, as you read through the book, it will be revealed to you on its own. When you practice Section 4 then with every passing day, you will find yourself getting better and becoming more aware of the root cause of your suffering. By the time you are healed, you will know what was ailing you. So, walk towards the cure that shall reveal to you, the cause of your suffering.
  10. As you read through the pages, please do not try to make any decisions or judgments about yourself. Do not try to bring any changes, as you become aware of yourself reading through the book. Just become aware and live that 


A Life-changing Experience



Although the book on its own is comprehensive and a sufficient tool  in itself for the cure ,we guide our readers to enroll for our courses CHETNA/VEDNA/MANTHAN to expedite the CURE and precipitate their recovery . We often hear our book readers tell us that they were struggling with the techniques on their own but once they walked through the courses the practice became effortless for them , as the coaches helped create the energy field required for the cure, along with helping the participants with the practical implementation of their learning. Personalised attention through our various interventions have helped many take the step forward and overcome any resistance they were facing on their own . There is also the added advantage of the forum interaction where our founder answers your  questions  personally and provides valuable insights towards the root cause of your distress disease or disorder . The invaluable wisdom he offers helps us all find our authentic self and break deep seated beliefs. 



I survive is a state in which acceptance of self comes in with a desire or need to retain or to survive. Journey from I EXIST to I SURVIVE has the origin of a belief ,that since I have a belief I must survive. If not this there was no reason for humanity to care for its own existence and try to survive by discovering food and protecting against the dangers of nature. 

Chapter -Origin, History and Introduction of Belief  

Typically there are four types of people who understand life.These are the Mystic, The Artist,The Scientist and The Technologist. They all nurtured an insight stayed in the bliss and were concerned about survival only as long as it supported their quest. Life for them meant pursuing the connection with the inner-self ,receiving and nurturing the insight that gave them the bliss .They had no plan B,and had no back up or respect for life if they failed. 

Chapter-In Above and Out -Insights Into M.A.S.T 

Health is the function of well -being and well-being is the reflection of authenticity.To be authentic is to be spiritual . 

Chapter – Medicine and Spirituality  

 Imbalance in the three doshas is caused by the change in the combination of the five elements, the change in the five elements combination is caused by the change in our breath. Therefore, change in breath turns prakriti into vikruti. Any intervention or combination of intervention by the Ayurvedic doctor is meant to regulate the breath to reverse vikruti into Prakriti. 

Your mother is your ground through her unconditional love and your father is your wings through his appreciation and protection. Together they define the space within which you shall vibrate . 


Deep down your purpose to be born in a particular family is-to heal the lower frequencies of the family. 


Tendency of our soul is to always offer an opportunity to feel the pure spirit. The container of water always wants to merge in the river. Due to our karma,and the lessons to be learned,we attract scenarios where we have a choice to suppress the spirit and survive or trust and allow the spirit to purify. This process of purification is consciousness. 

Survival or the desperation to survive is that wall which isolates the spirit from the soul . 

Chapter-Spirit And Soul  

Mind has no mind outside the need to survive. In its pure form it is consciousness.

The fear driven mind in which we are trapped, cannot be healed by creating another belief. This will only make the mind more complex and will trap our energies further. If we have to deal with this, then we will have to deal with our fears.We cannot deal with fears  by directly taking fears head on, but by moving towards wisdom.Wisdom is deep inside us and that can be accessed by us by turning inwards, which is what is taught to you in this book. 

The cultivation of the mind which is trained to survive is called ego. Ego is nothing but a program of your mind which acts as a gatekeeper for your emotional body. 

Chapter-Mental Body  

Emotions have motion and are originated due to lack of faith. Lack of faith is the mother of all belief and belief is the reason behind emotions staying in the body. 

The law of nature is that if you do not hold on to an emotion and feel it fully it will disappear within a few minutes the child who was allowed to cry in pain while playing. It is against the law of nature for any emotion to stay in the body. 

The root of all emotions is insufficient faith. 

Chapter –Emotional Body 

Every emotion has a frequency at which it vibrates, meaning the energy level at which it is at. This is what belief does. It creates an energy field within which you vibrate and then attracting incidences and people who validate this belief

Chapter -Energy Body  

Sleep, food and desire for sex are basic necessities. We did not choose them. They are given to us by nature. Purpose of having these three parameters in balance is to strive for evolution and pursue our purpose of life. 

Sexual energy which carries life force energy is your regulator to cultivate your attributes and through that it becomes, the expression of your spirit. 

Shutting down your sexual desire is denying the life force energy to flow. Every mental disorder case where their mind has sticky and obsessive thoughts is due to the fact that unknowingly, they have repressed sexual desire and that energy has gone back into the opposite polarity chakra (pineal gland) where it begins to turn into dark energy affecting the subconscious mind. 

Chapter – Physical Body –Sleep, Breath and Sexuality 

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