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Manthan is a program to recognise the hidden dark and fantasy, influencing your choices and pulling you down. The journey towards the light will always remain incomplete if the dark goes unacknowledged, and this module gives you a safe space to explore the hidden dark.

As you reach out to the depths of your subconscious, the natural churn begins, witnessing the dark hidden in deep layers. The more you address your dark, the more you move towards the light. As simple as it sounds- it calls for endurance and patience and close monitoring and expert guidance on the subjects of fantasy, morality, the belief around food, money, sex through our science of subconscious.


Manthan is nothing short of a leap into the unchartered territories of the dark corners of our mind. Dark is nothing but any event or emotion that is lying unaddressed and hidden in the subconscious. The journey towards light will always remain incomplete if the dark goes unacknowledged. This module gives you a safe space to explore the hidden dark.    

As you reach out to the depths of your subconscious, the real churn begins now with the advent of the battle of light and dark. The more you address your dark, the more you move towards light. As simple as it sounds- it calls for endurance and patience along with close monitoring and expert guidance on the subjects of fantasy, morality; belief around food, money, sex; starting with the very beginning of our existence – Parents. Your journey comes full circle. 


In Vedna, there has been a heavy emphasis on the concept of parents. This time we explore the concept of ‘sanskar’ which acts as a bug in our journey. What are these ‘sanskar’ which got passed down to us and how they start creating a template of our life? Learn the science behind how and why certain lacks are passed down to us by our parents and how to reverse them.  

Fantasy is best described as a realm of imagination where we reach out to imagine the impossible. It is deemed as impossible only because of societal mores and morality. Hence, fantasy as an element is never accepted. What if you were unabashed about your fantasies? This thought would definitely bring a sense of liberation.  

Learn the science of using fantasies to liberate yourself from the clutches of morality and dark. By discovering the underlying hopelessness in a fantasy and bringing it to your awareness, you would experience a paradigm shift in the way you would now perceive things. 

We often find ourselves in a situation where no matter how much effort we put in, we end up missing the mark because we somehow fell prey to our ego. Why is it that despite so much work on self, the ego always rears its ugly head and pulls us back? Learn the science of morality and how it acts as a gatekeeper of our dark- thus suppressing our anger, desire and many negative emotions. 

We give you a step-by-step approach to attend to your dark so that you embrace it and move owards light. 

Manthan Subscription

You learned to bust your dark and delve deep into your fantasy, breaking morality and unearthing the belief that caused your unique suffering. Deepen your awareness and intimacy with self with the repository of Courseware and interventions that helped you do so while you were a student of Manthan. Nurture the cure within you. 

"Manifesting any reality in our life, starts with fantasy. Let us say, while growing up, you have a fantasy of becoming a mother or a billionaire. This means you are connected to light and you hope beyond hope. Fantasy then becomes a vision as hope continues to build. Vision then turns into a desire and desire into an ambition. This is where your mind gets active to manifest itself into reality."

Meditation The Cure





Are you a sceptic about science and spirituality? This is your starting point.

Several hours of content in the form of blogs, videos, testimonials and lecture videos are available on topics which relate to your own experiences and decodes your life choices. This will help you discover layers of your ego and decode the hidden wisdom in you. 


Expand your awareness, deepen your learning and intensify your practice.

Program Price: ₹27771/- + 18% GST

Launch Offer: ₹17771/- + 18% GST

What is the new Manthan?

1. Learn the code and algorithm of your suffering. By learning the algorithm you can decode any moment of suffering and turn it into an insight.

2. Undo your childhood trauma. You operate out of trauma without even being aware of it. And when you are aware it comes up in ugly ways. Learn the techniques to undo your traumas and live an abundant life.

3. Experience deeper intimacy in relationships. Apply the techniques to experience deeper intimacy in your relationship with your loved ones.

4. Decode your dreams. This course covers an integral pillar of health and wellbeing- Sleep. The science of sleep also helps you learn to decode your dreams and nightmares. Once you learn this your dependence on an external source is zero. Each night you sleep with curiosity and look forward to the insights that dreams will reveal.

Discovery of Algorithm

Do you often see yourself repeating the same patterns- such as always getting betrayed in a relationship, always meeting with fatal accidents or no matter how many times you change your job you end up with the same kind of boss.
Observing and researching alongside our patients had led us to discover the algorithm of suffering in 2019. A simple technique to decode the deepest of suffering has brought relief, clarity and resolution to thousands of people over the last 4 years.

By understanding the lack that goes on to create a tendency and a pattern of suffering people have improved relationship issues, experienced higher productivity at work, immediate reversal of symptoms of suffering.
The highlight has been relationships as we have seen couples and families come together and practice side by side to develop a deeper understanding of each other’s nature and behavior. Dynamics have changed without changing anything but by just expanding their awareness.

How does Algorithm help?

Your algorithm defines the code of your suffering. If you crack the code, you will be able to know in every moment of suffering such as loss of recognition, lack of love etc how to go to the root cause. Applying the technique to the root cause will immediately burst your suffering and move you to wisdom. Therefore, reducing the number of emotions around it. Your mental health is immediately stabilized.
Each technique takes only 18 minutes to implement.


15 Lectures, 20 hours. These lectures are based on the book Meditation – The Cure. Here is a snapshot of the lectures.


Startup Kit


Agenya is a guided meditation recorded by the Founder. It’s a 3-step process used to arrive at the state of meditation. It is now aided with music which is especially designed to penetrate your subconscious.
You can use this recording anytime, anywhere and for as many times as you want. There is no fixed limit to using the Agneya recording.

The start-up kit will consist of 4 main topics. These topics will-

  • Lay the foundation of cure
  • Help you learn how to balance your electromagnetic field by a simple method. If your EMF is imbalanced-it means male and female energy is in imbalance. Procrastination is a symptom of imbalanced male-female energy.

Example: Procrastination means higher female energy and lower male energy. Male energy is for execution and female energy is for creativity.
Hyperactive mind means excess of male energy and lower female energy.
This module will teach you to balance the two.

Cure needs a suitable environment- physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • You will learn the same with these 4 topics through which you will-
  • Learn to create a healing environment and the science behind it
  • Learn how to create time and find space despite the busiest schedule
    Learn the 3 pillars of implementation of cure. Learn to get them right

A 3-step process of breathing which effortlessly takes you to the state of Yog Nidra (Meditation-the cure). 18 minutes of practice every day helps you arrive at a deep state and starts to cure any suffering without any need for diagnosis. The state of meditation is the state of cure.



Learn to decode the algorithm of your suffering and arrive at the root cause.

The state of meditation (Yog Nidra) is the state of cure. Six easy steps to cure your suffering with breath.

Every moment we live is an experience and each experience generates an emotion. Discover the science of emotional body flowcharting

Learn the DNA of your suffering and how it invades every moment of your life.

We suffer not because bad things happened to us but because we failed to decode the wisdom hidden in the event, which is to prepare us for the future. Learn to arrive at the wisdom hidden in your past events of trauma.

A snapshot into understanding the interconnectedness of Love, care and desire. What would you do if you were only cared for but not desired? Or vice versa? Decode the mysteries with this lecture.

The third pillar of health and wellbeing. Understand the flow of your life force energy and how your life force energy is the determining factor in most events of your life and how they affect your choices.

Learn the science of relationships and how to work through difficult relationships. Come face to face with the ‘Lack’ that you are operating out of and all things that become a barrier in receiving love.

We chose our parents with complete wisdom to aid our journey in this birth. So, if we had the wisdom on a soul level to choose our parents then why do we struggle to learn our lessons from them?

Learn the science of using fantasies to liberate yourself from the clutches of morality and dark. By discovering the underlying hopelessness in a fantasy and bringing it to your awareness, you would experience a paradigm shift.

Learn the science of morality and how it acts as a gatekeeper of our dark- leading to suppressed emotions and desires. We give you a step-by-step approach to attend to your dark so that you embrace it and move towards light.

Learn the science of sleep and learn to decode your dreams and nightmares.

Learn to decode all the mysteries of sleep and learn about the mental body. Is the mind really mysterious? Discover the mysteries of the human mind.

Learn the science of food and money to decode your patterns around spending habits, saving habits and eating habits.

Learn the science of acceptance and consolidation.

How will this grow my awareness?

When you practice observing your breath- a series of emotions, thoughts, belief, ego and morality surface. The lectures will help you decode the mysteries that open up for you.

Here is a Case: Let’s say you are observing your breath and an event related to your parents opens up. Subsequently the next day you see your parents in your dream. The two seem stark opposites to you. How do you now make sense of it? You refer to two lectures- Parents and Sleep. This will help you join the dots and help you realize the direction you need to take.

Similarly, with every step that you take you begin to develop an understanding of the patterns and tendencies. Further to this, anywhere you get stuck, you shall be able to clear your doubts with the faculty via the monthly Jigyasa feature.

What will your package be?

A one-year subscription to all videos of this program

An extensive library of Faculty Jigyasa- symptom focused QNA session

An extensive library of FAQs- topic based

An extensive Library of Vartalaap – Founder driven sessions

One Jigyasa session, approximately 90 minutes with Faculty, per month for 12 months

This can be clubbed with a 1,2,3 pack of Home Tuition

One Program for One Family:

Curedemy One is for the whole family. Which means one subscription can be used by the whole family. Every member of the family can access the Vartalaap videos, the FAQ videos and every other content available. 

What is the 1/2/3 home tuition pack?

For those of you who have been to tuition classes, you would remember from your childhood days how the teacher would sit next to you and handheld you. They would watch your every move and every step and could even predict the kind of mistake you would make in the next arithmetic equation. Based on the similar concept- you can now be part of a handheld live practice session with real time feedback coming in from your coaches.

Once you have enrolled for Manthan, you may feel the need to have guided practice sessions. This product helps you avail home tuition sessions, over and above your existing sessions.

  1. You can purchase either 1, 2 or 3 home tuition sessions.
  2. These sessions can be used anytime through the subscription period.
  3. You can either attend 3 Home tuition sessions in one month or you can use it throughout the year.
Note: Applicable only for Manthan and TP subscription graduates. Not for Chetna subscription graduates.
If you want to avail the home tuition pack, click here. (Prerequisite to purchase 1/2/3 pack is subscription to Manthan or Treatment Program.)

How to choose your journey line?

Here are a few examples of how to best use this product

Case #1 – Thyroid

You have Thyroid. Here are the things at your disposal-

  1. The book – Meditation The Cure
  2. Manthan Pack – Theory lectures
  3. One Jigyasa Per month
  4. Access to a huge library of content – FAQ etc.
  5. Home tuition – if you have subscribed for it

Manthan is a module that can easily cure Thyroid. Each month in this module you will get a monthly Jigyasa. Begin your practice with the conceptual understanding from the book and the supporting lectures which are available.
As you intensify your practice and begin to gather questions you need answering from faculty you will have your monthly session to clear your doubts.
If you feel the need to have a more guided practice you can opt to buy a pack of 3, 6 or 9 home tuition packs. The home tuition pack will help you with a supervised guided intervention.

Case #2 – Infertility

If you have been detected with infertility and have gone through multiple IVFs which have borne no results. Here is how you can go about it. The tools at your disposal-

  1. The book- Meditation – The Cure
  2. Manthan Pack- Theory lectures
  3. One Jigyasa Per month
    Access to a huge library of content- FAQ etc.
  4. Home tuition- if you have subscribed for it

Your case seems like it is slightly more acute in nature. In this case you should first opt for a 3 pack of home tuition. This will help you to quickly experience the cure in a guided manner where the coaches will direct you to the most appropriate lecture which will immediately begin to impact your parameters. Over and above this you have all your theory lectures to gain deeper understanding of the concepts.
As you move forward you can begin to move towards the cure- you can continue to add more home tuition packs.

Case #3 – Migraine

If you are suffering with chronic migraine. In such a case you already have the above tools at your disposal. You can begin by reading the book and decoding your problem through the algorithm lecture.
Once you have found the algorithm of your suffering through a Jigyasa session or on your own by watching the video. Begin to work on your trigger.
The book and the lectures coupled with sincere practice will begin to bring in significant improvements in your parameters.



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Over the last two weeks & ever since I started doing the practice, I find wonderful calmness. With OTB, I am slowly and steadily getting into the zone of zero/ negligible thoughts and breathing has become deep with a slow and steady rhythm.

Curedemy Student
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My decision-making without irritation has improved. Quite a few positive outcomes in professional life have happened.

Curedemy Student
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My relationship with my partner and my kids has improved.

Curedemy Student
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After going through the course with OTB, OTT, The Science of Cure, Algorithm, Loop of Suffering, and Sexuality, the way I view my reflection and introspection of the past has completely changed. It's like shining the torch on myself.

Curedemy Student
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Realising my lack in 0-7 years and the tendency developed towards being nice to others in 7-14 and further consolidating that as belief and ego between 14-21 has sown seeds taking me to where I am today.

Curedemy Student
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The Agneya meditation this morning was a beautiful experience. It took me a while to enter that space. After OTB for a few minutes, I lapsed into a state of stillness and could then experience the life force energy in me. I was suffused by a sense of well-being and then I was aware of moving my attention to the tips of my toes right up to the fingers of my hands to feel that life force energy everywhere in my being.

Curedemy Student
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From childhood to now, every time I have felt pain (as I connect now) there has been a transformation in my life good or bad. When things unsettle us, we either go inwards or take the path of dark.The teachings at NV Life have given clarity to my inward vartalaaps..

Curedemy Student
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My experience in Chetna has been an enriching one, during the Agneya sessions while doing OTB I attained physical and mental peace and bliss. Have been able to connect with my emotions which were suppressed all this while..

Curedemy Student
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Today’s session, Agneya, was a great session on two levels. One, I could see the theory in action and could get in touch with the power of these tools. But secondly, it was a lesson in “how much difference, fine tuning can make”. Holding the breath in a natural way vs holding it in a forced way….. the results are poles apart. The flurry of issues that surfaced were astounding, just because I followed the technique right. Thanks to Anita ji.

Curedemy Student
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Extreme anxiety marred my day. Panic attacks did not let me sleep at night. I taught Yoga to many, and they benefited. While my own life remained untouched... As I started my journey with the book my panic attacks stopped altogether! I slept peacefully through the night for the first time.

Curedemy Student
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After going through the course with OTB. OTT. The Science of Cure, Algorithm, Loop of Suffering, and Sexuality, the way I view my reflection and introspection of the past has completely changed. It's like shining the torch on myself.

Curedemy Student

Case Studies

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Creatinine readings stabilized

Female, 44

  • Lupus for 15 years
  • Kidney transplant 10 years ago  
  • For the last 3 years, the transplant is not doing well and creatinine is high and there is a protein leak thus muscle loss
  • On immune-suppressive and blood pressure drugs 
  • Emotional suppression in the early years of marriage 15 years ago
Today her readings get stabilized as she works on her suppressed anger.
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Lung Cancer - malignant pleural effusion in remission

Female, 68

  • Lung Cancer
  • Fluid accumulation in lungs 
  • Severe breathlessness
  • On oral chemotherapy drugs
  • Reduction by 50 percent in Cancer parameters
  • Malignant tumours show significant reduction in size and hypermetabolic activity
  • Breathlessness improved
  • Chemotherapy medicine dosage reduced
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Gestational diabetes and Child growth issues resolved

Surekha P (30+), Ahmedabad, India

  • Gestational Diabetes 
  • Blood Pressure 
  • Premature Child with growth issues
  • Anxiety with excessive fearful thoughts
  • Blood sugar level dropped 300 to 100
  • Fear reduced with OTB
  • Child is now completely normal
  • Anxiety with excessive fearful thoughts resolved
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Case of Cavernoma of the Brain resolved with Meditation

Male, 43

  • Lesion of dimension 3.8*3.9*3.5 cm
  • Mild oedema around lesion 
  • Treated with intravenous steroids
  • Advised invasive brain surgery
  • The lesion has shrunk to 1.8*2.18 cm
  • Surgery not needed and lesion may vanish or become insignificant over time
  • Medication to be tapered over next few months
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Rhinitis and allergies cured

Ujjwala Sahni (35), Graduate & Homemaker

  • Difficult marriage,
  • breast cancer (treated),
  • allergic rhinitis,
  • wheezing & irregular bowel movement
  • Sleep, breath, and sexuality improved
  • Rhinitis allergies largely cured
  • Fear, anxiety, and hopelessness reducing