“Manthan in Coorg” as the program came to my notice, I was eagerly waiting for that.

When I reached Coorg, Magnolia resort which had serenity of the forest yet comforts of the city. My main intent to join NV Life was due to my son’s hyperactivity but with guidance and knowledge I began to work on myself. On the afternoon of 25th Nov, I met Naveen and the other participants.  In the evening we met before dinner to get acquainted with each other. Everybody introduced themselves with little information about themselves. It felt so much like being at home.  Next morning, we were at conference hall for the science behind “Meditation the Cure”, there was detailed discussions and information shared through presentations. This was something very interesting and educative.  

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We had our organized sessions of classes and meditation; everything was very well blended …the knowledge of science and its implementation. This became further interesting with the coaching session; we were told to coach our fellow participants and to be coached as well. This actually led to learning a lot about ourselves. Everything was flowing very smoothly.  Our breaks, interactions and meditations were so well blended that it itself led to lot of learning as well as healing. Meditation with food was something very new but very powerful. This exercise was to show that how we get into unnecessary hoarding of food, money and sex, which is not actually needed.  

This retreat was a wonderful experience meeting my course-mates in the course and learning a lot about self. There is so much pain hidden inside me, which came I kept undercover for many years. My survivor attitude made me to do things the way I did. The last experience was cherry on the cake, where I realized that how much I was longing to flow through life enjoying every bit of it. Thank you! 

Ragini Singh