Manthan for me was like peeling off an onion in front of a mirror and watching myself shed my own layers of pretense, stubbornness and self-created web of illusions.

Having done the groundwork with my so powerful and loving coach-Tulika during the Chetna module, I was just about warming up to do some very intense self-work with the Master, the compassionate coaches and amazing fellow participants. 

As the week progressed right from the first day, I experienced Sir’s love and humility to nudge, push and guide all of us through the courseware. The all-encompassing algorithm of cure and the intermittent sessions of Sadhna. [signinlocker id=”326105″]

Every algorithm whether on prime emotions or Ego were meant to take us deeper and deeper into our own souls and free our spirit of the dark accumulated over one or several lifetimes. 

The science of cure came alive through the “Spectrum” which, beautifully and comprehensively brought out our life in the classroom by connecting the lack, patterns, tendencies, triggers and symptom to our suffering. Thus, finally leading to pain and mystery. I am now much more aware of my loops and resulting sufferings and can work upon them using the science of cure.  

Several things opened up for me but the biggest of all was that my EGO is my speaking. I get validation and attention by speaking and it’s a cover up for my lack of being abandoned and hence, need to be needed. I also discovered that my knowledge and accumulated information is a cover up for my deep-rooted lack of unworthiness. I could also see my patterns of jealousy rooted into the loneliness and aloofness in my childhood. 

The participants were extraordinary! They opened-up so beautifully and so did I in their presence and in the intent of Sir and coaches. It was the safest place to bare our soul and be naked in our own eyes. There was no judging and no pretense in telling our own truth. Although, sometimes we would get carried away in our stories just to be brought back by Sir to reality –J.  But I felt, completely at home. 

The evenings were always fun and a time to express our creativity and vulnerable side. There were so many hidden actors, dancers and singers in the group that we could easily make a groovy band. 

The final day or grand finale was magical. We presented our learnings to the class in the form of an act and play. Each act was heartfelt, authentic and full of insights. I could not believe that I can be such a good actor, depicting my misery –J. All in all, a fabulous experience. 

I am not the same person having come out of Manthan and I bet this is the case with each one of us. The journey has just begun but this was an important milestone. Looking forward to module 3 and intensifying the thrust of knowing self and getting prepared to serve. Jai Gurudev, Jai Maa! 

Deep Prakash Pant 

Certification Program- Manthan- Coorg, November 2019.