Morality is the gatekeeper of dark that is how we keep accumulating it in our subconscious, to appear as a nice human being. And this dark when unbearable (uncontainable) overtakes our stability, it results into suffering, tragedy, misfortune and gets passed on genetically to suffer to deal with this. Morality gives birth to anger, anger creates an ego. It makes its own belief and all of this keeps giving rise to each other; eroding into any good initiatves, efforts and work done by us for inner growth or for mankind/humanity.

In this module you learn the science of creation of dark inside you, you learn the loop of dark which remains a hidden OCD in you- revolving around the lack, tendencies and pattern.

You learn how your anger has been self destructive and your fantasies keep giving rise to the lack. You learn how money, sex and love are interrelated and subconsiously you trade one for another to continue to remain in the state of lack and suffering, by now known as your dark.

This module is all about building your courage to burst your dark so you arrive in the light- dissolving all your lack.


1. Lack- Thorough investigation into various lacks and hidden emotions and ego.

2. Flowchart of lack- Decode how your lack creates your primary emotion, secondary emotional state, belief and ego- the formula of dark formation in you.

3. Anger and Fantasy- How your anger has been destructive and how your fantasy has been eroding your love and relationships causing suffering to you and disrupting the harmony in the ecosystem.

4. How suppression of fantasy is directly linked to the disease or suffering in your body.

5. Morality- You burst it; you drop the duality of light and dark.

6. Money, Sex, and Love- How you trade one for another, to continue to create toxicity in your life, adding to the dark.

7. Pain- As you burst the dark and you move towards light, pain is the gateway. Where morality dissolves and wisdom dawns.

Learn the science of dark to embrace the light


Program Fees Rs. 33,331./-+ GST

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Love only gives two things: bliss or pain. And it is not giving you either of the two and cause you suffering then it is not love

Naveen Varshneya