Love Conquers All

Here’s the second of our series of, the insights from the Vartalaap -session for Swastim students with Naveen Sir. Be with breath as you read it, let it take you on a magical journey, to a whole new world of wonderment. 



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Student: I have a need to help and it comes from being helpless as a child. I needed help and there was no one to help me? Am I helping out of compassion or my ego and stature?

If I had to choose between helping and not helping, I would help. Trusting and not trusting, I would trust, loving and not loving I would love. No matter what the consequences may be; for, eventually, love conquers all.




So, whether it is a selfless act or driven from ego, help. And in the process figure out how to make the shift from ego to selflessness. 

Stay tuned for more such insights.



Meditation – the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

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