Loneliness: How are you hiding yours ?


Loneliness destabilizes you. You go to all lengths to hide it, sometimes behind your million-dollar smile, and at other times in your arrogant aloofness. You are afraid to be alone even for a few minutes. What if I don’t like my own company? What shape does your loneliness take? What does it make you do?

Top 5 escape routes- to avoid the unstable emotion of loneliness! What’s yours


Student Ponders: How do I make the shift from loneliness to solitude?


Coach guides: 

Step one is to Identify which emotion is connected to your loneliness.

If you’re able to identify the shape your loneliness takes, what it makes you do, the nature of it. Then you’re becoming intimate with your loneliness by coming face to face with it. When you do that, you should be able to move towards positive emotions – like, love, intimacy, sensuality by practising art, music or just enjoying time alone. And that is the movement from loneliness to solitude.

If all of you can recognise the nature of your loneliness, your intimacy with loneliness will begin to grow.


Loneliness to Solitude

जब सांस लेती हूँ तो हर कण में हरकत होती है

और उस सांस में अपने अधूरेपन का एह्सास भी है

और पूर्ण होने की उम्मीद भी

Juhie Saboo – Faculty


Author Speaks

“Loneliness- You have it and I have it and we all have it. If you do not know it and I know it, it is because you could hide it and I failed at hiding.” – Naveen Varshneya


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