Life of a Coach

We are a health and well-being organization. We are ordinary people and our vision is that every household shall become expert at handling their health and well-being. This means that without changing anything, change your life.  So, our mission is to help people become better and better at doing what they are doing. So, if a participant is in a corporate job, our intervention makes him/her better at it. If she is a housewife, our intervention makes her more effortless and compassionate in her role.  We do not ask people to change anything in their lifestyle. We only ask them to start practicing NV LIFE and that is the beginning of a spontaneous change in their life, and lifestyle.  So the life of a coach is that in your current scenario if you are 100% occupied with your time, space and energy, with your fair degree of stress and lack, you will still be living the same responsibilities you have now, except that 80% of your space and energy will be filled with bliss and peace and you will be operating from that space in your ecosystem, interacting with self, partner, children, friends, colleagues and as a human being per se.