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You say we choose our parents. But what I feel is that they are causing us pain. Is it that they are pushing us to learn something?

04:15 mins

Chetna 7 – January 2021


I read that mother’s trauma can affect the baby. One of the children of my sister-in-law is autistic and the other one is normal. How does this happen?

03:13 mins

Chetna 6 – November 2020


Is it possible to shape an unborn child in the womb?

01:09 mins

Chetna 6 – November 2020


My both grandparents – maternal & paternal – had post-marital affairs. Could this karma be the reason behind our next generation’s suffering? How can we heal it?

06:12 mins

Manthan 3 – September 2020


I am a tarot card reader and have been practising helping people. After doing manthan, I realized how it was coming from the space of ego and how I had let it affect my health and well-being.

Now, I have been trying to guide people so that they can also take benefit of the program as I have done. You had been guiding how to conserve our life force energy. Please guide me on that.

04:40 mins

Manthan 6 – February 2021


When my mother was pregnant, she was very fearful of giving birth to a female child. The fear was passed on to me in the womb and I have had a genetic disorder since birth. What should be done now?

05:01 mins

Chetna 7 – January 2021


My family has a pattern where after marriage the daughters fall back on their parents for financial help. I am starting my own business, and have a fear of my business failing and the pattern repeating.How would I know if the pattern has been broken?

03:30 mins

Manthan 3 – September 2020


In my life’s journey, I choose two sets of parents – my biological parents and the parents who brought me up. I have judged my biological parents as their lifestyle was different from that of my uncle and aunt, who brought me up. Should I work upon the judgements of my biological parents?

13:57 mins

Manthan 6 – February 2021


How to connect with father at energy level?

05:53 mins

Chetna 3 – June 2020


Is it possible to feel the disconnect from both the parents?

01:54 mins

Chetna 3 – June 2020


Does a partner that one selects in life also based on the lack one develops with respect to one’s parents in 0-7 age?

02:05 mins

Chetna 3 – June 2020


How can I undo the damage that I did to my child by refusing to meet the expectations that she had as a child from me?

07:51 mins

Chetna 3 – June 2020


I have realised that I have the same pattern as my father of attracting negativity at the workplace. How should I resolve it?

06:34 mins

Vedna 7 – February 2021


While working on myself, I realised how my parents guided me beautifully into the space of learning & growing. Also, in my current trauma, I resisted their support, as I have a belief “They always betray me.” Please guide how to proceed further.

05:23 mins

Vedna 7 – February 2021


My son’s stomach issues have improved, but he is still suffering from some indigestion. Please guide.

09:11 mins

Manthan 4 – October 2020


How do I not judge my parents when I see that they are doing something wrong?

09:16 mins

Manthan 4 – October 2020


I am aware of anger on parents but do not remember any such events. Please guide.

13:54 mins

Vedna 6 – January 2021


I have a 3-year-old child and he clings & cries for no reason. He still has a strong inclination for breast feeding. I had a tough pregnancy and cried a lot during my pregnancy. Also, I did not want to have a second child, since we were still dependent on my husband’s family financially. There was insecurity, about how to bring up two children. How can I help my child?

01:16 mins

Chetna 6 – November 2020


I was adopted and my lack came out to be Abandonment. If I chose my biological parents as sir says, then why did I change my parents to who came about to be now? Was it because I did not have the same thinking as my biological parents?

07:41 mins

Chetna 7 – Jan 2021


My 17 year old son is obese. How can I work on myself to help him through this?

01:43 mins

Vedna 7 – Feb 21


I have realised that I attracted similar set of in-laws that my mother has. So, it’s the same thing that I am facing. Why is that?

08:51 mins

Vedna 6 – January 21


Can I break a pattern of my son that he has inherited from his grandfather?

01:19 mins

Vedna 6 – January 21


I have been brought up in an environment of Fear and Insecurity. I’ve inherited this from my father, and I have formed a belief that I may loose out everything to him. How to break this LOS?

07:09 mins

Vedna 7 – February 21


My Grandfather’s principles of parenting were stark opposite to that of my father. How does this play in one’s life?

10:50 mins

Vedna 7 – February 21


I was suggested to do NV Hunting on my relationship with my mother as it impacts my relationship with my wife. Also, I am not able to communicate with my wife.

I haven’t been able to do NV Hunting or even NV Swimming as our home environment isn’t conducive. Please guide.

04:06 mins

Vedna 7 – February 21


What is the victim-victimizer relationship?

06:29 mins

Manthan 3 – September 2020