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Loop of Suffering












When I look back at my suffering and connect the dots, it all makes sense and outweighs the pain I experienced. I am at peace with my suffering but why do I still continue to attract suffering if Iam following the process?

05:36 mins

Chetna 7 – January 2021


If we see our Loop of Suffering playing in our choice of certain friendships and now I can see the pillar of these relationships are based on my ego and others’ ego and lack. Does this realization mean that we move out of these relationships or remain in them and let them run their course?

04:01 mins

Chetna 7 – January 2021


How can I cure my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

01:20 mins

Chetna 13 – July 2021


My LOS is that of a cycle of struggle to execute my ideas due to fear and lack of motivation. I have ideas to expand my work yet I feel a lack of motivation and also, feel fearful. Please guide how to dissolve this loop of suffering.

04:35 mins

Chetna 7 – January 2021


While doing NV Hunting, I connected to the unworthiness of the whole lineage and realised that my unworthiness and tendency to attract blame comes from there. I also realised why I have been blamed for my sister’s disconnect with the whole family.

How should I proceed further and resolve this for the whole lineage?

10:11 mins

Manthan 3 – September 2020


My husband’s lineage has a pattern of losing the eldest son, and this brings a lot of fear for my son. Do daughters also take the curse of the lineage or is it only the sons?

How does lineage Karma get passed down, and how to heal it?

06:53 mins

Manthan 3 – September 2020


I am not able to stay in the space while observing my breath. Why?

01:16 mins

Chetna 8 – February 2021


My health was good after I started with the program, but for the last one week I have been experiencing a lot of guilt, unworthiness & feeling left out. I have also been feeling unwell. Please guide.

05:21 mins

Manthan 4 – October 2020

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