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Emotional Body












Is crying a step towads pain or self pity?

01:21 mins

Vedna 4 – September 2020


I feel charged up in Solitude. I feel I am comfortable with my loneliness. Is this ok?

03:19 mins

Chetna 7 – January 2021


How can we remodel our belief? If not, how to work on the belief already formed?

03:31 mins

Chetna 6 – November 2020


The best way to meditate is by lying down. However, it always leads me to sleep, which is my tendency to escape emotions that I don’t want to experience.

01:38 mins

Chetna 7 – January 2021


My 9 years old daughter is a special child who is fully dependent on me for everything. We have tried all kinds of therapies. Is there any hope for her?

02:53 mins

Chetna 6 – November 2020


I’ve been suffering from Anger issues since childhood. How do I ground this?

04:58 mins

Chetna 9 – March 2021


Can my transformation through meditation can heal my 24 years old daughter, suffering from ADHD as she is not in a space to work on herself?

06:59 mins

Chetna 9 – March 2021


What does it mean to have food allergies, including the diseases that come with them?

01:49 mins

Chetna 9 – March 2021


My lack is unloved, unwanted and unrespected. I have invited the same all my life. It seems the same has been passed on to my daughter as well, who is now 24 years of age. She is also experiencing unloved and unwanted by all around her. How do I undo what I have passed on to my daughter?

05:26 mins

Chetna 9 – March 2021


Why do we have symptoms in our physical body during sickness such as high temperature, etc.? Is it an impact of not feeling an emotion?

03:10 mins

Chetna 6 – November 2020


I’ve realised that an important patterns of mine – powerlessness takes me to anger and to come out of powerlessness, I go into manipulation of the powerless people around me. The result is that I am not able to retain any help/ nanny for my daughter. There is this feeling of unloved, being judged by people, who I expect to see me differently. Also, post the anger outburst there is a sense of guilt. How should I handle the situation in that moment?

06:10 mins

Chetna 9 – Mar 2021


After today’s Agneya session, I am feeling very good. I realised that generally I am a very low person and I have experienced such emotions only once or twice a month. Also, I have been experiencing resistance from my wife for doing this program.

How do I deal with the same?

03:57 mins

Chetna 6 – November 2020


What is Love? Is it some energy? Where does it begin from?

02:27 mins

Chetna 5 – September 2020


Since there is fear behind unworthiness and loneliness, why is fear not the key driver of suffering? Why unworthiness and loneliness are the key drivers?

06:47 mins

Chetna 7 – Jan 2021


Is loneliness or unworthiness caused due to a certain magnitude of fear? Or is fear intrinsic and at the base of all emotions?

03:37 mins

Chetna 7 – Jan 2021


In the Cotton Process, we are blocking the right nostril. Is there any situation or time when we block the left nostril?

01:24 mins

Chetna 6 – November 2020


I am very happy in my own company or in nature, interacting with animals. I do not like to socialize but guilt comes in, when I don’t socialize. Please guide.

02:24 mins

Manthan 3 – Sep 20


Recently I have been observing my breath with fear in awareness. What I felt is I am going very deep into the emotion. Usually, when I breathe an emotion I am able to ground it in a shorter time span. Am I doing it right?

01:58 mins

Vedna 6 – January 21


I have been feeling compassionate towards my husband, but have also been wondering if that is just me suppressing my anger.
Nowadays when someone triggers me, I just try to understand the other person’s Loop of Suffering(LoS). Is this the right way to go forward?

03:40 mins

Manthan 3 – September 20