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After identifying our triggers, how can we ensure that the same triggers don’t affect us in future?

02:00 mins

Chetna 5 – September 2020


Your book says, “Yog Nidra is a state where there are no thoughts, we don’t try to achieve it.” On the other hand, you are telling us to work on our Lack, Tendency and Pattern in Yog Nidra. How is that possible?

05:00 mins

Chetna 5 – September 2020


I tend to map the lack, tendency & pattern of my son. Am I deviating?

02:01 mins

Chetna 7 – January 2021


I was making my Algorithm and I felt all the lacks applied to me. I could not clearly make a distinction. So, do all the lacks apply? Am I to deal with them separately? Whenever I try to map a trigger it always feels the same in all scenarios.

04:45 mins

Chetna 9 – March 2021


Through the program, my anger outbursts have reduced. However, I feel I am always fighting with myself. Please guide.

04:50 mins

Chetna 9 – March 2021


What kind of suffering leads to chronic inflammation of the body? What’s the root cause of this Auto-Immune? How do I map it to my Algorithm?

02:52 mins

Chetna 5 – September 2020


Like how formulae give results, does science give assurance?

03:29 mins

Chetna 6 – November 2020


I am very lazy. I don’t know whether this laziness is a pattern or an emotion. I don’t know how to put it in my algorithm. I’m not able to achieve much whether it’s work, fitness, a diet regime. I procrastinate and give up too easily. How should I get over this laziness?

03:06 mins

Chetna 6 – November 2020


While I was breathing on my Lack of abandonment, Pain settled in my chest. What should I do?

02:17 mins

Chetna 7 – January 2021


I’m aware of my LOS & Algorithm. What should I not do, so that my patterns are not repeated?

07:46 mins

Chetna 8 – February 2021


I am not able to sleep with cotton. However, in the Agneya meditation session, I am able to use cotton and I also doze off to sleep. I am not able to understand why I am not able to use the cotton on my own?

03:11 mins

Chetna 6 – November 2020


Whenever I am alone with my parents, we have a very calm and peaceful conversations. However, the moment any other person comes in, my father starts to shout and becomes angry. Every conversation with him ends like this. Why does this happen?

03:54 mins

Chetna 7 – January 2021


 Can I dissolve the patterns passed onto me by my mother, so that it is not passed on to my daughter?

03:32 mins

Chetna 7 – January 2021


During the pandemic, or at the time when we are not able to visit home, how to handle worry for our parents?

01:29 mins

Chetna 6 – November 2020


I always seek appreciation and guidance from my father but he would instead say, “Do whatever makes you feel good. Make a career of your own choice.”

03:18 mins

Chetna 7 – January 2021


I’m confused about my Lack – I don’t know if it’s Rejection or Abandonment.

01:11 mins

Chetna 6 – November 2020


A lot of people here in the program have been feeling strong emotions while decoding their algorithm. However, I don’t have such strong emotions while decoding my Algorithm though I have had realisations around how a lot of events in past were because of my Lack-Tendency-Pattern. I haven’t been feeling the sadness that others are experiencing. Is that ok?

02:24 mins

Chetna 8 – February 2021


I lost my job around the time when the program started. I was with this company for almost 10 years. But what I realised through the program is that I kept holding onto it because of my tendency of need to be nice and my pattern of spirit being squeezed. Please guide how to proceed further.

06:16 mins

Chetna 8 – February 2021


With all my past events re-surfacing, I have been experiencing a lot of guilt and shame of being incapable to handle these earlier. Please guide further.

02:50 mins

Chetna 8 – February 2021


How are people or situations that you attract in your life a reflection of your lack or belief?

01:54 mins

Chetna 5 – September 2020


I have mapped out the Algorithm of my parents. What do I do with it now to get more clarity on this situation?

03:19 mins

Vedna 7 – Feb 21