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Fantasy & Dark


Fantasy & Dark

Dark and fantasy – tools to address what lies hidden in our subconscious as our deepest unfulfilled desires and emotions. A quick way to access our subconscious so that it no longer drives our life.

Fantasy, a make believe world where your dreams come true and all your desires are met. We all have had fantasies as children to be a super hero or maybe a princess of a magical land. As teens when desire for sex grew these turned into sexual fantasies of a girl or boy we admired but could not approach.
But what is the relevance of fantasy in health and well being?
And what happens if we have turned so hopeless that we can’t even fantasize?
How can fantasy ease out your relationships with your parents and spouse?
Can fantasy enable you to move closer to the things you desire?
The origin of any fantasy is when we feel lack and the purpose of fantasy is to feel complete. Learn to use fantasy as tool to decode and unearth your deepest desires, and your innermost wounds.