Learnings from #TriggerWeek

Background: A prompt given by Naveen Sir in his Vartalaap was shared with students. They were given 72 hours to work on the prompt. Students after 72 hours came back on the forum (#triggerweek) with the following conclusion and insights.

Here’s the community’s consolidation from the recently concluded Trigger Week.
We share this with you here, for you to read and stay with each one of them, with your breath. Doing so, as your consciousness will naturally expand, you would discover the resonance with your own loop of suffering.
Then, Turn In.

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Prompt #1

Unknowingly every breath that you take – the oxygen is going to those areas where it is empowering the subconscious choices because of which you feel compelled by your tendencies. So the beginning and end is your ability to arrive at Yog Nidra. – Naveen Varshneya (Author of Meditation The Cure)



Belief: When someone gets the attention that I deserve, I believe that the love I need to receive is somehow diminished because of the other person.

Insight: We all have the love flowing from the universe that is unique to us based on our acceptance and is not related to anyone else.



Belief: I am worthless and not deserving of love or acceptance. I will be abandoned. If I am abandoned, I will not be able to physically exist (survive).

Ego: Prove my worth as useful & gain that love without which I will not survive.

Insight: These belief are what keeps my choices from being authentic.

Prompt #2

Your addiction to your mother and father and your judgment towards them – not being able to see the pain beneath the judgment – has a direct impact on you and on your relationships. What you are reflecting in your relationship is the lack you created in your childhood and you want that relationship to fulfill that lack for you.
Naveen Varshneya (Author of Meditation The Cure)



Belief: Everyone that I love will leave me.

Ego: To look for certainty and permanence in a relationship. I will do anything to keep you in my life.
Judgment on parents: they left me alone in this world.

Pattern: Manifest all that is uncertain and temporary.



Belief: My parents and godparents ignored my ideas, expression, thought process, abandoned me in situations.

Realization: I was seeking appreciation and validation which I never got.  I should have used this situation to learn how to arrive at my purpose.

Shifts: A decision to move forward with work from a new perspective and innovation to revive, new opportunity doors are opening, better vibratory levels – new fears just touch my inner self and disappear.

Note: Content has been summarized/edited for length & clarity.



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