Key Driver of Infertility

Reena (27) and Sanjeev (29) is a young IT couple blessed with a baby boy after 2 years of Infertility where the cause was unknown. With 3 Skype sessions, we discovered that Reena was feeling insecure about her husband’s previous association with a few girls.

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Once she opened up and 3 healing sessions were done, she was advised to go on holiday and she conceived naturally.

Subhalaxmi (40) is a homoeopath doctor married to an engineer and has a history of 10 IVF cycles failed. She was completely broken from inside when she was sent to us by Mannat Fertility Centre which she approached for a new IVF cycle. Her AMH value was zero (this means no eggs) and FSH was very high above 20 (normal range shall be around 5 to be able to accept donor eggs for fertility). In medical terms, if AMH is below 1.7, possibility of fertility even with donor egg is very low and AMH can not be improved. 3 months into treatment and her last scan shows 4 eggs and AMH is 0.3 and FSH is down to normal (around 5). She is now getting in the range of conceivable age. She is the only child to her protective and loving father who became her lifeline in growing years and mother suffered with severe mental disorder. She grew up feeling rejected, aloof and deprived of love and developed life threatening situations with TB and Asthma in the past. She married a man who lost her parents very early on in life and had turned emotionally cold and aloof though saintly and supportive nature, failing to give her much needed pampering to compensate for the childhood trauma. She had so many fears of bearing responsibilities emotionally, though at mental level having strong desire to have a child. This created struggle in her life and landed up doing 10 IVF cycles which failed one after the other.

Same is the case with more than 50 other women who had symptoms of infertility but underlying cause of the infertility was different, who were treated for spirit-body-mind (to restore mental health) before they took IVF cycles with Mannat Fertility Centre to increase their chances of success.

Infertility is a case where life force energy is not flowing enough to be able to nurture another life force energy (form). Life force energy on this planet is triggered in the form of sexual energy and sexual energy is just the vehicle which runs on feminine self for female and on masculine self for male.

Femininity has 5 attributes –

  1. a) Ability to contain: Power a woman has to hold length and breadth of emotions.
  2. b) Ability to Endure: Labour pain which men can never fathom and women do not fear to do it again and never pass that as fear to next generation.
  3. C) Ability to Nurture: This brings them closer to nature with their ability to make anything beautiful. Be it a child, plant, food or relationship. They have the ability to nurture with hope and optimism.
  4. d) Ability to Persevere: 9 months is long period and yet remain hopeful and positive about the outcome.
  5. e) Patience: They developed it when their men left for war or work and not being sure if they will come back in the evening or not.

These are the qualities which differentiate female from male else there are really no difference between male and female if not for anatomy.

and is regulated by breathing. Breathing is disturbed by emotions and emotions are language of spirit. Hence the triggers of infertility like any other disorder lies in the events of life which create a belief and blocks the flow of spirit thus life force energy. It is a situation which could be best described as “Dry spirit” or “fragmented spirit” or “broken spirit” which blocks the flow of life in their reproductive organs. This is how almost all our patient looked on their first day with us. Since the beginning of family institution, we have interwoven sexuality of the woman and emotionality of the woman to manifest in a way that it supports family institution and help evolve humanity on this planet. Though it was done very holistically but over the period we have have brought lot of corruption in our belief system which is resulting into more suffering.

Sexuality of female is like a river which is regular, continuous, inviting and non threatening in its normal state. Hence it is called shakti ( shiva -shakti fame) or magnetic field or YIN. Contrary to popular belief as sold to us , Sexuality is the mother of all emotions. Hence to protect the continuous flow of river in a woman, it needed to be revered and women were groomed to cultivate their sexuality in various creative pursuits such as decoration, motherhood, love, cooking and various other art forms to create various forms of representation to keep magnetic field flowing in which men would merge and find its source.

So women were held responsible to evolve the society and also to groom a male throughout the life to revere the river. Hence access to her sexuality for men was always given not directly but through various forms of art and love so that not only men revere the river but also helps him regulate his exuality in the forms of emotions and this way, merging of men and women to become one by experiences shiva and shakti in each other were formed as the basis of evolution on this planet.

females were told to cultivate emotionality from sexuality and men were told to groom their emotionality for sexuality. So when men, who was uneducated in art and love, felt the great urge to have sex, he was guided by his able partner to regulate this spurt of energy in his body- spirit mind to flow so the merging happens while flowing rather than rupturing the flow and creating current in urgency to release high voltage energy spurt as felt by men in that moment.

So ritual, festivities, love, art forms were all created around women and men were suppose to act as river bank and swim in it.

This led to females experiencing their own sexuality through these soft tender creative forms to the extent that she forgot that her sexuality exists independent of any of these forms through which it is to be manifested. Post marriage, it meant that for a woman to access her sexuality is through feeling secure, safe, respected and given an identity and motherhood which she called LOVE.

Femininity to womanhood to motherhood is continuous flow of YIN energy on this planet as much as masculine to manhood to fatherhood is continuous flow of Yang energy. Thee two forms are the base on which river of sexuality flows and if female child is not respected for being a girl ( which is often the case in India and many other religion and culture since the beginning of civilization), it brings deviation or rupturing of her spirit and over a period of time leaves her with the issues which this generation is facing with various disorders including infertility. This shall also explain why women have more cancer cases in reproductive organs than men have.

And this is what we discovered in every infertility case. Events of life led them to deny their own feminine self which is the base for sexuality to flow. Each of the case had one common factor by the time they visited us and that is: all women were sexually inert or dry and if they were still sexually active that meant to please their husbands and waiting for the act to get over.

Sexuality as mother of all emotions, gives hope for future, optimism for their relations, reverence for life, curiosity to experience bliss and most of all joy of existence as a human being and thus taking pride in being woman. Hence sexuality translates to hope, autonomy, bliss, joy and curiosity. When a girl child is neglected because a boy is born in the family, they begin to turn more male in order to seek attention and love from parents and family, denying feminine self. When sexual abuse happens, it hits directly at the sexuality level thus affecting all aspects of emotional body and this is the reason, among all kind of abuse, sexual abuse has long lasted effect on the girl child in growing years from which she almost never recovers to respect her sexuality and continues to question her existence as a woman. Since it is in a continuum from the mother, a mother can act as a saviour by protecting her feminine self and through educating us to deal with society. By the time they discover their symptoms of infertility, they find crash of their emotional body right from losing sense of existence, worthiness as a woman, curiosity and bliss. As this crash in that moment, their sexuality dries up and they begin to question their feminine self.

This is a vicious circle they are caught in. To be fertile, they need to awaken their sexuality and in turn emotionality to become mother and as soon as they discover their infertility, they turn off their sexuality voluntarily or involuntarily. So when they approach a doctor for IVF, or make any attempt towards it, it further reduces their chances of success.



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