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We evolved from certification to fellowship program. It has become more intimate yet structured and a dedicated program. You start as an intern and graduate as a trainee and then move on to becoming a part of the core team. However, your learning only gets deeper at every stage, as you begin to integrate survivor with mystic. 

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  1. You have completed Manthan


  1. You have attended Svaha 


The core of NV Life is around research, creating content, and imparting wisdom. Rotation to various aspects of this work is the core value of the organization. Anything you fear doing, you will be made in charge of, for some time. We take that risk with you and spend time, money, energy, and space to make you versatile. 



We thrash you. We hit you. The more you defend, the more we kill you. We protect you. We nurture you and we make you uncomfortable round the clock, till you give up your belief, ego, and morality and evolve. It is very simple. You are instrumental in the vision only if your consciousness is expanding every day.  


We have few solid pillars for few years, who handle work from home for specific hours or specific programs of NV Life. We call them part-timers and then there are people who brought NV Life to where it is today and you have seen them.  They do not find a difference between vision and personal life. With time they are immersing into it deeper and deeper and they are the ones leading the path. 


We believe very strongly that for compassion to flow, you need to be sorted with survival issues. Our vision for our core team is that it shall be the highest-paid lifestyle so that parents groom children to pursue authenticity over competitiveness.  We are expanding and gradually coming closer to industry standards and yet health and wellbeing is growing each day. But money is one easy part of surviving. In this lifestyle (not a path), money, fame, success, and blessings follow you every day. Crucial is Ego, morality, and belief, which will crash you every minute. This is a lifelong evolutionary process and none of us have mastered it. So, we have taken this in our stride, as a journey. 


We do not encourage people to join us as an escape from their family responsibility. At the same time, we do not believe that one shall suffer in silence. Expansion of your spirit is the key; but before freewill, comes your authenticity.  


The core team is led by the founder around research, training, teaching, and content creation. We need all kinds of industry skills, that you have been good at, because as we are set out for expansion. You would lead such an initiative where your skills can be used at the top of your authentic core of being a researcher. 


No limits. More the better 

Some of the areas you will be taken to begin with 

  1. Research: Become part of the core team, which grills and rips apart each student and does the deep diagnosis. 
  2. Case study and reports: Build reports and case studies and even write papers for journals 
  3. Intelligence: Typically known as quality control, but here it is far bigger than this.  You will review all content and interventions and come out with ideas for the production department to create a new lecture; such that there is lesser scope for questions to be asked in Gurukul, Jigyasa, and Vartalaap. Your target is to kill Gurukul by creating content in every possible format. Your faculty will be waiting for your inputs to improve and enhance their learning and teaching.  You will have the finest of the insights that faculty, students, and management will depend upon, all the time.  
  4. User experience: You have been a student of You know how we can improve to make the user experience world-class. Help our product head to define the flow and screen, design, and colors. 
  5. Technology and film making: We need you if you have done development. Our platform is growing and we need many people in this area. Skills in project management, CORE IT, handling camera and equipment and editing and animation and various aspects of film making is what we are on the lookout for. If this is your calling and you are willing to learn, we will train you. 
  6. Education and relationship: We do not call it marketing because we will never market ourselves. We educate people. We have rejected many top-end marketing agencies in the last 2 years. You could aspire to become the marketing agency because you know how to carry the brand Curedemy to each household. Join us to become an entrepreneur. 
  7. Creative genius: We are moving in the direction where every video lecture is like a movie. It shall be storytelling and in subtle ways, we get the point across, deeper inside. We need all kinds of filmmaking expertise. 


I know nothing

If this is what you feel, reading the post, NV Life is the place for you. Each one of us has a unique path and talent. You probably have not yet explored yourself. Do not worry. We will do the surgery and help you find your unique infinite potential and put you on the journey. Are you willing to let yourself go? 


You are hired to lead; lead at the global level one day, if that is where we reach. This is what the core team is all about. Rising up on the ladder comes with snakes. It is snakes and ladders. We will help you rise up and your ego as a snake will bring you down. We have a culture where you can continue to play the dice for yourself. Keep walking and kill your snakes. 


We are going in the direction where you can own the community in your area and become expert in at least one area. For example, thyroid or relationship. So, you have courseware from and you conduct your own Gurukul, Jigyasa, Agneya in your community.  You can also start a venture and have a partnership with some of our trained people to run the business. 


  1. Write in 200 words (maximum), reflecting the expression of your spirit. What is that you can continue doing every minute and you will feel merged in purpose, bliss, and compassion?  
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  3. You can also reach Shabnam Dhaliwal at +916263814148 for further clarification. [/signinlocker]


Meditation – the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

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