Is your belief taking you forward or keeping you stuck in the past?

Here’s a glimpse of how our participants work on themselves with Meditation – The Cure and our programs, thus transforming their lives.


The Mother who became a Child again

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This mother embarked on a journey to cure her child but re-discovered herself. She discovered the woman she had buried underneath her beliefs. She connected with the child within, who still felt unloved and sought worthiness.
As she stayed in her Loop of Suffering and worked on Sexuality, Relationships & Parents her beliefs, her ego, tendencies, and patterns came to her awareness and so did answers to many of her questions.
Under the garb of spirituality, she found her ego of having given up all her desires.
As she acknowledged and accepted her desires, her Loop of Suffering took her deeper, connecting her to her parents and childhood. She decoded that her helplessness and powerlessness of childhood manifested in every situation in her life, whenever she went into panic mode.
She discovered that the roots of Domination and Criticism in her current life lay in her judgment and anger for her father. She realized how she was sitting on a see-saw of Acceptance & Rejection, and judging every action or reaction.
Her child was only a reflection of her Loop of Suffering (LoS).
Vedna helped her reach her Unstable Emotion of Unworthiness and stay with it rather than allowing her tendencies to play up. She prepares now to dig deeper within, with the science of Dark & Fantasy, in Manthan.


From the book

We do not need to do anything to arrive at our belief or pain to gain insight for transformation. Through the techniques, we become aware of the belief. Insight & wisdom will come on its own leading to the expansion of consciousness. Belief breaks down on its own and is replaced not with another belief, but with wisdom about why a specific event was important in our lives and what the learning was. This restores the faith in life. And as faith is restored, hope comes and negative emotions do not emerge, even if we are in the same situation again.

From Chapter Emotional Body