What if, you hold a book in your hands which has the wisdom to resolve all the unwanted experiences and misery in your life? What if, three simple breathing techniques could change your life forever and give you the power to demystify the secrets of all the sufferings? 

When Naveen received clairaudience in 2009, little did he know that 7 years later, he would be translating the wisdom, from his enlightened path of work with thousands of patients, into the book. What has today come about to be the reason for hope, the process of cure and the way to live for thousands of people, germinated with a single vision- that the cure may reach every household across the globe. Having been an expert in disruptive-creative transformation in his earlier avatars, Naveen knew the way ahead to share the science of the cure and make everyone self-reliant, with respect to their own health and well-being And that is how the idea of the book germinated, as the best way to cut through the human dependency for health and well-being. 

Written with the intent to create hope in a world grossly ridden by suffering, and to enable and empower individuals completely, the book is what one may call the messiah of hope while another may revere it as the book that heals.  It brings forth to the reader the mystical, ancient wisdom of the East, with scientific interpretation, in the form of clear guidelines, processes and step-by-step techniques. The lucid, colloquial style of writing is what tugs at the soul of the reader, making the reading of the book an intimate and savour-worthy experience, while its wisdom begins seeping into the subconscious of the reader. 

Naveen shares that the book has been, rather inexplicably, written through him and not by him. Efforts were consciously made, to steer away from over-intellectualization or glorification of the concepts or the language. It therefore is a huge affirmation for the author’s intent, when readers across age spectrum come back to share that they did not really have to google words or spend time on understanding the concept. The logical thinkers find their appeal in the scientific approach and explanation of how the cure works.