Implementation – The New Focus (Q2 • 2021-22)

As we completed our review of Q1 of this year and worked on alignment with our vision, the cracks were identified; innovation was celebrated. Here are 7 reasons to rejoice in the inner journey because the cure is within you.

Implementation – The New Focus

Love it or hate it- your insincerity and lack of commitment to transform yourself has been our biggest driver to innovate; to ensure that you do not continue to motivate us in this manner! We want to be with you in your bliss. And, we want you to be our bliss.

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Here’s a packet of 7-pointer good news for you and for us- read on…

  1. From the science of mystery, we are moving towards technology. This means data shows the trend, the trend reflects the pattern, the pattern gives insights into tendency and tendency takes you to your lack, which you OTB. Jigyasa is now more intimate and more personal based on the Daily Tracker (DT), Gurukul, Agneya, and Forum. It is more real, more brutal, and most transformative now. This will enhance the objectivity of the session, with a sharp eye on our students’ ability to work with their learnings.
  2. We have completed our 1st round of hiring this year, with 9 interns coming on board – 4 full-time and 5 part-time, with a ripe pipeline of another 8 prospective incumbents. This shall mean intense mentoring and meticulous, hands-on training, while the fresh recruits get into the groove of execution. All of them will be integral to the core, who survive our brutality in their transformation.
  3. As many of you are aware already, the app on Sleep is under production. And, the next app has also been scheduled – one for our young students- a crying need for long- “How to score more, while studying less.“. So yes, the Content, Technology, Marketing, and Operations team will be steeped deeply into these projects.
  4. Vedna and Manthan- We tuned into our ladies in the core team, who have been saying for a year now that we must allow space for the student to stabilize with the new awakening at each stage. Now, these 2 programs are all about implementation. So, Vedna and Manthan are being spaced out and the focus shall be such, that the learning of Chetna and Vedna are deeply experienced, before starting the next program. What does it mean to you? Well, for instance, if you know your lack is rejection from Chetna, then before coming into Vedna, we shall ensure that you have worked on gathering all the wisdom, before bursting your lack in Vedna.
  5. Vedna and Manthan will thus be rolled out every alternative month, instead of the current schedule of the monthly rollout. The preparatory window between Chetna to Vedna and Vedna to Manthan will be one of supported implementation, as cited above. More on it soon.
  6. We were deaf and dumb after every samekan. Every student wanted a thin support system to continue the path of awakening. We’ve heard you now. A tad bit late but it never is too late. So, here we are, preparing to open out our space, with a unique program- ‘Meditate with Curedemy.‘ How does that sound to you now? 🙂
  7. And lastly – for long we stayed with the idea of making the learning process effortful for our students, much akin to the age-old ‘Gurukul’ concept. However, we also know that ease in access to learning will aid all, especially those who grapple with tech handicaps or heavy disorders. So we gladly and with immense enthusiasm announce the soon-to-be-launched Curedemy App for the mobile user. Come August and you shall be our 1st user and testing pool!

It is important that we shared this consolidation with you – for each one of you, who has been with the Curedemy programs knows well- the importance and relevance of ‘Samekan’ / Consolidation!


Stay tuned and keep walking.


  1. Great to read how the team has reflected every session and progressed considering feedback. It says a lot about the organizations commitment towards its vision. Personally I look forward to the post Samekan initiative : Meditate with Curedemy. Thank you for making us a part of your journey!

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