I wonder why I seek Bliss when it is Pain that led me to you, can I not stay with this enchanting state of being?

I am flowing with gratitude towards the grace you have received and shared with mankind. The last few days have been soul stirring; Since, I last attended your workshop in Delhi to the time I got my hands on your book, it has been quite a revelation and a period of solemn transition. Especially Hunting (page 281), though this technique has sorted many cluttered issues and burdens of the past, now by habit it takes you to spheres of life that disclose forgotten chapters buried deep within .

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SHUNYA It was yet again the transient phase of 7-0 years that triggered my current state. Your Jaipur workshop weekend offered miraculous healing at home, a lot surfaced and healed but what left me stunned was that in my surrender, I found myself at Zero. It was indeed the most spiritual, most ethereal, absolutely celestial and sublime view of being nothing. Being absolutely Shunya and yet there was an aura so splendid it makes you feel infinite and so complete. The energy that exuded from the formless left me with no thought, no vision, no speech and all I could do was hear a sound, one that echoed in my ears for days. I was in this state for two days and I am fortunate to be with your healing for I feel I could have lost myself.

LONGING Now I want to be with this formless energy at all times but it eludes me; the more I seek the more elusive it gets. When with family or friends, I feel lost like I am not there with them. I hear no sound but that which has left me enchanted. I long to see that light again; I feel thirsty but no hunger, it gets more intimate with every passing moment and the wish to be with myself gets more intense and a nagging conscience that brings me back to reality. Awareness is there, how do I satiate this longing? How do I absorb the energy before it gets murky within?

ANANTATA Who Am I? I wait for months for a workshop in my city or any city nearby just to be with you in this guided meditation. Unfortunately Chennai eludes this privilege. The last time we did this guided meditation your energies just guided us fluidly towards our inner light and that completes us. In the GURU GRANTH it is well explained by Guru Nanak ji, the four stages in which you attain the light and how ego and light cannot co –exist. First step is to expand consciousness which you teach beautifully in NV SWIMMING, this happens so effortlessly through your technique. Second step is to explore the subconscious and emotional body which you have taught us through FISHING; in my life I don’t think it can be taught any easier than this. Third step is acceptance of Karma, my absolute favourite, which you teach through HUNTING.

Fourth step is to kill your ego and you taught this through the meditation.