I was quite lucky to enroll in Manthan without having completed Chetna.

I had taken home support for 3 weeks by NV Life. It really helped me. Post which I was asked if I would attend Manthan. By that time my skepticism about the processes were diminishing and faith in the book Meditation-The Cure was growing. I was so excited to attend Manthan I said yes right away.

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First day when I met everyone in the evening, I judged most of them; despite not knowing them well or not even having met many of them ever before. As Manthan progressed I was able to connect with some of my batch mates and coaches and was able to unknowingly ground my EGO a little bit.

It opened the door to a new journey, where I was entering a maze. I always would like to know before hand as to where I am headed towards or where do I take the next leap. But this time I was fearless and curious. So, I leaped and experienced a new dimension of life which was unknown to me earlier.

Last two days of Manthan were like a wonder world for me. It was the first time I was enjoying my solitude even amidst people, without judgement. That time I felt like I am with 20 beautiful peers. I felt like a real human, in a true sense. Less selfish, yet more in love with myself.

Post Manthan the euphoria died a little bit, but the flame is still burning ….

A simple thanks is not enough for Naveen Sir, the coaches and my batch mates. But I will try to become a better human (as per nature) in true sense.

I think that would be the right way to convey my gratitude towards Naveen Sir!

Amit Agarwal





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