I learned how to love oneself beyond any judgments and morality. – Vasudha

Student Name: Vasudha Thakur
Batch: Manthan 9.0
Suffering: Pre-menopausal Menstrual Cramps 



Walking through Chetna opened my lack, tendencies, patterns, and my unstable emotions for me. I never realized that our present had so much to do with our past.  

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NV Hunting technique helped me work more on myself growing my awareness of my loop of suffering and lack, tendency and pattern. I realized that I was operating through the emotions of loneliness and unworthiness, which led to suffering with the same. came to the realization how creating space and time to work on self was important. I can’t thank the NV Life Faculty enough the way she brought to my awareness, episodes of my past life which had the same patterns which were repeating in present. She also brought forward insights on sexuality and femininity which led to trapped life force energy playing havoc in my life. In the Vedna program, I learned how to love oneself beyond any judgments and morality.  


Manthan program helped me ground emotions of shame, fear, and guilt. Dark and Fantasy are beautiful concepts and techniques which helped in cleaning hidden anger and suffocation which I was not even aware of. I started feeling gratitude towards my parents for all the wisdom and insights they gave which I could never understand until now. The concept of Food and money was so very well explained by the NV Life faculty. However, I feel I need more lessons on this topic for better understanding.  

I can truly say that it was a beautiful journey inward for the last three months,  दबा हुआ गस्सा, jealousy, fear, सब अन्दर  hidden था.  मैंने अपने आप को पहचाना है, (Repressed anger, jealousy, fear, all were hidden inside me. I have now understood/identified myself) and now is the time to work on myself. The gain, in the end, is the transformative pain that I am yet to experience, to feel or see the gain in form of bliss. Time has come to learn and know myself. Immense gratitude to all the coaches and the master coach Naveen Sir whom I hope to meet in person someday.  Pranam Sir. 

 The more aware one grows, the lesser is the impact of unexpected patterns and tendencies which land us in the space of suffering. Learn to expand your awareness and consciousness by learning meditation for health and wellbeing.