Through the concepts and techniques learnt in Curedemy programs, I found the answers to all the questions – Mahesh

Student Name: Mahesh Balakrishnan
Suffering: Duodenal ulcer, acidity problem, and hunger pangs. Joined for wife’s chronic issues.
Batch: Manthan 9.0 


The State of mind I was in when I came to Chetna, desperately looking for a cure for my wife and personally, I had certain questions in my mind to which I was looking answers for: 

a)How do I turn inward?
b) How do I expand my consciousness?
c) What is the purpose of my life?
d) How do I contribute to the health & wellbeing of others? etc. 

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 Chetna Experience: 

I joined Curedemy Programs as a support to my wife in the Treatment Program. Post one month of attending the treatment program passively, I joined Chetna. I recall telling Naveen sir that I do not have any problem in me and that I am only looking at a cure for my wife. He laughingly said, “Wait for 4 days.” In 4 days, the algorithm lecture opened up, and with that opened the pandora’s box. 

Chetna was a revelation that expanded my consciousness about how my own lack, tendency, pattern, and beliefs have been playing in my life and how it co-related to my wife and her algorithm as well. Hereon, I decided to work sincerely on myself with a commitment to dissolve my own lack, tendency patterns, and beliefs, etc. 

The lecture and sessions on Sexuality further opened up the entanglement of sexuality between me and my partner, and also brought into my awareness where my life force energy was trapped. 

By the end of Chetna, I was already a changed person, but morality still played a large role in my life, thus I needed to dive deeper and thus, I started to look forward to starting my journey towards Vedna with curiosity. 

 Vedna experience: 

In Vedna, we started learning NV Hunting techniques to explore my relationship with and judgment on parents.  With the help of the NV Hunting technique, the realization of my judgment on my father opened up which deepened the insights. Hunting on my dad also took me to his pain, which was a humbling experience.  

In one of the Vartalaap sessions, Naveen sir asked me that something significant was happening which was in my realization, and asked me to share the same. However, I did not feel anything and was wondering what it could be. 

Just about 3-4 days later, in the Jigyasa session with the Curedemy faculty, all of a sudden, the realization opened up with regard to my lineage karma that most men in my family have attracted the judgment upon themselves as not being a good protector & provider. Most importantly, it also dawned upon me that I am paying my father’s debt (पितृ ऋण) as well as dissolving the lineage karma by working on myself as I am able to let go of this judgment. The moment this realization opened up, I felt the blessings of my father, and my whole-body chakras started to vibrate as I went into Yog Nidra each time after that. This state remained there for about 10 days or more.  

As Vedna drew towards the closure, I could feel that something significant was indeed happening to me and I became even more curious about Manthan, the next level program of Curedemy. 

I would also want to add here that at the end of Vedna, Curedemy faculty shared the assessment report of my journey through Vedna, which opened the realization of my lack being abandonment more than neglect, and hence, the emotion which made me unstable was Loneliness. 

 Manthan Experience: 

The concept and technique of dark and fantasy taught in Manthan Program of Curedemy, made me delve deeper, removing the guard of morality that had been holding the beliefs. It helped me in removing the deep-rooted hurt and anger. 

It brought forth, deeper insights about how I had also formed a judgment being betrayed by my father, which is the reason that I attracted so many events of betrayal in my life.  

Manthan helped me in moving towards pain. Working on the self through the techniques of dark and fantasy led me to stay with my loneliness and eventually to reach the pain.  

The icing on the cake was, when I remained with the question of ‘how to lead my life post-Manthan,’ insights flowed initially when I observed my breath and this expanded hugely with the lectures on Pain.  

Through the concepts and techniques that I learned at Curedemy, I found the answers to all the questions, I had before joined Chetna. I think Curedemy is the only organization that provides insights on how to be with love and compassion truly, (and not from Ego level) and how to attain inner peace. 

I am now confident that through my learnings, I could grow the mystique in me to breathe the future with curiosity learning from the wisdom of my past, and live every life event with awareness. 

 My Vision: 

I would like to continue my association with NV Life, first by getting trained as an NV Life Trainer and help my ecosystem by learning the basics techniques of NV Life, and educating people in my ecosystem about NV Life advanced programs for them to find the Cure within.  

My vision is also to further train a hundred more people in the health & wellbeing sector, who could in turn eventually train hundreds more so on and so forth. I would be thus fulfilling one of the purposes of my life, which is to contribute to the health and wellbeing of others. After all, what I have learned through Meditation – The Cure is that life is NOT for suffering! 

 ~Mahesh Balakrishnan 

Learn the meditation for health and wellbeing, which is directly proportional to consciousness and vice versa. When students work with us to dissolve their lack, pattern, and tendencies – which is their limiting belief formed in childhood and intensifying, they experience a shift within themselves and their ecosystem, be it distress, disorder, or disease.