I can now be with self in 20 minutes!

I started my spiritual journey four years ago while attending a yoga workshop in Delhi. At that stage, I wasn’t necessarily searching for a deeper meaning in life but was simply exploring exercise options that could serve as an alternative to my weekly football matches and frequent visits to the gym. Although yoga was the primary focus of the workshop, the facilitator introduced some basic meditation techniques into the three-day course and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Although I’d heard about meditation my entire life, I had no idea that by simply breathing and watching my breath I could experience mental clarity and peace. Needless to say, I was hooked.

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After the workshop, my spiritual journey went into overdrive. Over the next couple of months, I learned and practised meditation techniques introduced to the world through several enlightened masters including Buddha, Osho, Mahavatar Babaji and Sri Ravi Shankar. Some of the meditation techniques were guided, some were silent and some included several movements set to music. Although each was powerful in its own way, especially when experienced in a group energy, I always found it challenging to make these meditation techniques a part of my daily life which was my ultimate objective. Then Naveen Varshneya entered my life and changed it all.

I met Naveen on the sidelines of a football ground in the year 2011, where we were both watching his prodigy son Soham ( Football and Transformation – My experience with the Varshneya family) dribble past a series of opponents. We had a brief chat about healing and spirituality and set up a time to speak about NvLife. All it took was a few conversations over Skype for me to realize that Naveen was indeed a true healer with extraordinary intuition; someone who certainly can empower and transform all those who are willing and open to apply NvLife methodology into their own lives.

Although the Skype conversations were impactful, I chose to visit the NvLife healing centre in Bangalore for further work. It was then that Naveen and Chaina taught me the breathing technique: NV Swimming. It was so simple, yet incredibly powerful. He explained to me how breathing is the primary tool in healing and transformation. I couldn’t believe that I could heal my past traumas and transform the quality of my life just by following a simple breathing technique for only 20 minutes a day. I appreciated the fact that to practice NV Swimming, I didn’t need a facilitator, music or a special room, just myself, my awareness and 20 minutes. This was perfect for me because I’m a director of a multinational company and often find myself short of time or travelling throughout the world making it difficult for me to continually search for the proper moment and environment to meditate.

I’ve been practising NV Swimming almost daily for the past few years and the results have been astounding. I now have more energy, a brighter mood, limitless amounts of love for myself and others and, most importantly, meditation has finally become an integral part of my daily life. I have deep gratitude for Naveen, Chaina and the entire team at NV Life for empowering me with the tools and techniques necessary to transform my life.